GreatQ4U! Customer Feedback

This page is designed solely for the purpose of providing an online forum for our clients to offer feedback about their GreatQ4U! experience.  We get to frequently hear about how much folks loved our Q at their events and we are always happy to hear more stories like that!  We also know that, despite tryin’ really hard, we’re not always perfect…we need to hear those stories too!

SO, here we ask for your input and advice. Please use this space to tell us what you loved about your GreatQ4U! experience and what we could have done better!  We will pay close attention to everything posted here and hope that it becomes a popular forum for GreatQ4U! customers.  For those who have had the good luck to have us cater your event, we thank you and value your ongoing support.  For those who are considering having GreatQ4U! cater your function, we hope that this serves as a useful tool.

My hope for this page is that it will remain a source of positive energy for us as we continue the quest for GreatQ! I look forward to reading the insights and/or advice of our clients and I hope that your experience with us was truly Great!  If not, you can always call me at 717-254-1937.

Thanks in advance for your comments! – jak


2 thoughts on “GreatQ4U! Customer Feedback

  1. As the owner of the company I can honestly say that I LOVE the “Q”!!! BUT…since that’s cheating, I welcome all of our customers to let us know about your GreatQ4U! experiences here!

    If you’ve had an experience that was less than you expected, let ME know and I’ll make it right! ( If you’ve had a GREAT experience and want to help us spread the word…please do so here! As always, we truly appreciate you!

  2. Got this from a great customer this weekend:

    “Thanks for the wonderful food and service on Saturday. Everyone thought it was great and we received many complements.
    Sorry that you couldn’t make it back to see the flying on Sunday; it was perfect weather.

    We’ll be looking you up if we do this again next year!”

    Thank YOU too!


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