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As we begin our TENTH year of operations and look toward longer and hopefully much OBR Harrisburg 1013warmer days ahead, we are proud to say that after a decade of being a ‘one trick’ pony, we have evolved!  Indeed we still specialize in wood-smoked BBQ Catering and have begun the process of getting the ‘BBQ Battlewagon’ Fire Trucks set up and ready to roll for your Spring and Summer Parties and your Fall Tailgating festivities, but there is obviously more to us than just BBQ now!

As the world of BBQ hits mainstream TV and the number of folks that are getting into the BBQ Restaurant and Catering business evolves, we welcome the new additions to our passion and as I have typed here many times before, we encourage you to experience as many different places as you can!  We all have our own unique twists on how we prepare, season, smoke and serve our BBQ products.  We are proud to say that we’ve been doing BBQ Catering for a decade and that our BBQ has won many awards at Kansas City BBQ Society and other events!  I am proud as a Pitmaster and PBCChef to say that I’ve won national awards for my flavors and creativity, not to mention a commitment to sourcing locally from those who are the best at what they do.  BUT, I also know that we are only as good as our last service and we will never forget that!  Our menu continues to grow and our catering options extend beyond ‘traditional’ BBQ now to accommodate a wider range of tastes, but our core commitment to preparing every meal ‘to order’ and specifically for each event will never change!

Additionally, even as the number of BBQ ‘outlets’ in Central PA continues to grow, there Primo OVAL XL Grillremains a gaping hole for the home chef that is looking to learn how to cook BBQ on their own.  You can watch TV and resort to the internet to learn a LOT about how to ‘do Que’ but there’s no replacement for Experience and we have put ours to work by expanding into Retail sales of Primo Grills/Smokers, Myron Mixon Pellet Grills and Smokers and the affordable and versatile Pit Barrel Cooker along with a whole host of accessories!  We are even MM Q3offering an ongoing BBQ Class series that we will do int he Spring and Fall in the ‘off peak’ months of our Catering schedule to teach folks how to do everything from making your own signature spice blends and sauces to cooking whole hogs and even getting into the BBQ business!

As all of this expansion of services goes on, our focus will remain on service and quality and we want everyone to know that if you’re looking for a BBQ Smoker or Grill or the knowledge to know how to use them, we are indeed your ONE-STOP-BBQ-SHOP!  You can find out more about us online at: or our Grills and Smokers at or feel free to call 717-254-1937 or stop by and see us during our off-season weekend hours which are always posted on our FaceBook Page!  We’re on Twitter too! – SO…when you think BBQ in Central PA, think about GreatQ4U! and we’ll do our best to help you out!



By, Jim Knepper

So…if you’re a customer of ours or a regular reader of the Blog, you’ll no doubt know my thoughts on BBQ Sauce in general (including our own), but in the event that you don’t know…I typically have to turn my head or leave the service line when people begin to smother our Pulled Pork with thick, sweet sauces simply because I personally believe that the essence of the smoke, combined with the spices and crunch of the bark that we work so hard to achieve is what our Pulled Pork is all about!   That said, I am definitely not Anti-BBQ sauce…we make our own of course, but it’s a twist on an Eastern North Carolina Vinegar base and it’s very thin, using dark cider vinegar that is produced locally…when combined with our slaw and pulled pork on a crusty bun, it blends perfectly together!

OK, with that disclaimer aside, I have always loved the name ‘Dimples’ and it still makes me smile every time I say it. (An important part of the BBQ experience in my opinion) So, I was flattered when the fine folks (specifically Richard) at Dimples asked me to review their sauce.  I had read many previous reviews of this North Carolinian product and all were stellar so the chance to get my finger in a bottle, er’ I mean to use some in a few different culinary applications, was more than welcomed.

When I got the sauce, I immediately unpacked it and noticed first and foremost the clean, simple ‘Dimple’ label…nice!  Not pretentious, not a lot of flash, letting the sauce be the ‘star’ of the bottle.  I think this speaks a lot about the confidence of the producer and frankly looks much better.  You be the judge…(while you’re looking, note that the bottle in the front was also opened on it’s way from the box to the block…more on that later) 😉


That first dip with my finger let me know that there would be nearly infinite possibilities for this sauce and my mind began to race with menu ideas and applications.  It was thick, but not crazy thick, it was sweet, but not too sweet, it had an obvious tomato base that I got right off the bat to be ketchup (like our own) and there was a smokey finish that wasn’t overpowering.  Overall, first impression was that it was a well balanced sauce that would without question, satisfy the taste buds of the vast majority of our customers…saving them those thick, ‘store bought’ mega-brands!

My first use of the sauce was on Chicken thighs that we grilled up (on our GrillGrates) with a bit of rub during the initial cook and then a liberal application of Dimples during Dimples Thighsthe last few minutes on the heat so as not to burn the sauce.  It came out spectacular…a bit sweet for my personal taste, but just right for my wife who’s got a more sensible palate and one that I trust when it comes to evaluating such things!  Not only did the thighs look good, they tasted even better and the sauce definitely did not overpower the rub or char from the grill.

Dimples ShrimplesSecond night with my Dimples…I couldn’t resist the burning desire to put it on some Shrimples!  I know, I know…I said it and I love saying it; Shrimples with Dimples!  Once again, we prepped with some rub (including a touch of Old Bay) and cooked over hickory at high heat with the Dimples application during the final turn and just as they came off the grill.  This preparation was absolutely incredible and I’m not just sayin’ that…the Shrimp, Rub, Dimples combo was spectacular and not only looked awesome, it tasted even better!

Yesterday, I got a ‘prize package’ that I was fortunate enough to win from the fine folks at Kiolbassa Sausage Dimples KiolbassaCompany and while, not a planned use for this evaluation…the Jalapeno Cheddar sausage went straight from the FedEx truck to my grill and then into my belly with some Dimples on top!  Once again, PERFECT! (excuse the caps 😉 ) Combining the heat of the Jalapeno, smoothness of the cheese and sweet, not too thick Dimples created a sweet heat that could not be beat! I have to admit…I wasn’t planning on that rhyme, but I’ll take it!

I have so many more menu ideas in mind for the Dimples that there’s not enough room to cover all the dishes in writing, but here are a few thoughts: Add it to Soups, Baked Beans and other Sauces to increase it’s appeal and enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes.  It would be really tasty on a thick burger with some smoked Hog Jowl and Blue Cheese too!  Possibilities are endless for this very versatile sauce that in their own words “defies all categories of smokey goodness”!

So, my final answer…go get you some Dimples and experiment on your own!  You won’t regret it and I am sure will find many more uses for it than I have so far.  I would give it two sticky thumbs up, but probably lick them first and that might gross some folks out, so instead I’ll simply recommend that you find a retailer or order some online!  They are at where you can find all the information you need to get some!  Why “Dimples” you might ask?  Well, word is that they are a common genetic characteristic in the members of this family owned small business and therefore add their ‘personal’ touch to each and every bottle!

Feel free to post photos or stories of your Dimples applications here on the Blog and look for it SOON in the GreatQ4U! Grill and Smoker shop when you’re in or around Central PA!  For more info about us, visit us online at or find us on FaceBook and Twitter!

A Few Thoughts on Competiton in the BBQ Business

By, Jim Knepper

To be clear about it, I am NOT typing about ‘BBQ Competitions’ which we are BIG fans of and hope to compete in many more of this year than in the past several years combined.  I am thinking about how the ‘BBQ OBR Harrisburg 1013Landscape’ has changed in our little slice of Central PA since I moved here in the early 80’s and specifically since we started cooking ‘Que’ for a living in 2004!

Back THEN, there were few (if ANY) folks in or around Central PA that were actually cooking ‘wood smoked, low & slow’ BBQ in our area.  I recall as do many folks that I grew up with ‘Ricky’s BBQ’ in Carlisle and other than their awesomeness can’t think of anyone doing the kind of ‘Que’ that we still do back then.  There were no shortage of folks doing ‘Chicken BBQ’ over Sam's Tour Richmond 2charcoal with the thin, clear vinegar/butter sprayed on them.  As a volunteer firefighter and EMT, I helped out with my fair share of them and love that kind of cooking, but a wood fire at <200°F for long periods of time yields an entirely different kind of product.

Fast forward until present day and the Central PA market has become saturated with purveyors of ‘BBQ’ and as with ALL kinds of cuisine, each of us has our supporters and detractors…that’s business!  Heck, little old Carlisle’s now got TWO BBQ Restaurants, several folks vending from mobile or semi-mobile locations and LOTS of ‘BBQ Caterers’…they are even trying to figure out the Food Truck scene which will no doubt lead to more innovation in BBQ and other food options for residents!

Speaking of the whole food truck thing brings me to MY point in this particular post.  There is a great deal of hub bub about the Food Trucks and the ‘unfair competition’ that Ribs Going Onthey will present to the ‘Brick and Mortar’ operations.  Some of it coming from surprising sources and much of it fueled by Social Media and Advertising outlets.  I have read MUCH bluster about this place having GREAT BBQ and that place STINKS (or worse) and every time I see that kind of talk, I wonder if it truly benefits ANY of us cooking BBQ?

I understand allegiance to your favorite spot and that BBQ, like many other types of cuisine is a VERY ‘subjective’ experience.  I can even understand the desire for loyal followers of any specific purveyor to be emphatic about their support, but I question if it’s the BEST way to build the market for BBQ in and around Central PA?  As an example, I would suggest taking a look at Austin, Texas where there are TONS of BBQ Spots and unlike around here…MOST of them are quite busy and selling out every day they are open!

What’s the difference?  Well to start with, you see the folks in Texas talking mostly positively about their OWN BBQ and not so much about their competitors.  You also see a market in which, folks take some pride in their ability to go from one BBQ joint to another and make a day out of ‘BBQ Tours’!  Those who are making the BBQ in Texas benefit from a market that has been BORN of GREAT Product first and foremost and then SMART cooperation on the other hand!  Of course there is competition among the vendors, but there’s also cooperation as well.

With ALL of the BBQ vendors in and around Central PA, we could quite easily become DSC_0128a Mid-Atlantic Mecca of Slow Smoked Meats!  We could work together to promote BBQ and build a solid ‘base’ of BBQ lovers who also take pride in their ability to go from place to place and experience the beauty of BBQ…every Pitmaster does it just a bit differently than the others!  Diversity has always been one of the beautiful aspects of BBQ to me and I believe that it should be embraced!

SO…you won’t see me ‘trash talking’ the other BBQ folks around us…instead, you just might see me and my wife patronizing their establishments!  I like to taste different kinds Feeman's BBQof ‘Que’ even more than I like eating my own over and over again!  I think competition is a GOOD thing and would hope that as the number of folks doing BBQ around us continues to increase, perhaps we could work together to build the marketplace and constantly evolve our operations instead of working against each other, which I’ve never had ANY interest in doing!

Just my thoughts on a Hump Day afternoon!  Wondering what y’all think?

BBQ Lover? Got one in your life? We’ve got ALL you need!

We say Merry Christmas around here!  Just to get that out of the way up front…BUT, that doesn’t mean that we don’t honor ALL the Holidays that are celebrated this time of year every year!  After all, diversity is what has made America the great country that it is and we celebrate THAT every day!  BUT…we only Celebrate the Christmas season ONCE a YEAR and that means LOTS of benefits for YOU!

We recently opened our FIRST EVER retail store at our shop in Mechanicsburg, PA and it is ALL STOCKED UP with American Made Primo Ceramic Grills/Smokers and GQ4U! New Tee BackBBQ Accessories!  We’ve got sauce, rubs and LOTS of GreatQ4U! Gear from hats and shirts to Gift and Loyalty cards that are the PERFECT gift for that hard to shop for Foodie on your list!  NOT ONLY will they receive bonus bucks rewards, they can use the cards on ANYTHING we sell: Catering, BBQ Classes, Consulting, Primo Grills and Accessories, GQ4U! gear and even a 5-Alarm Fire Truck Party!

It IS without question a tough economy and we get it!  In fact we feel it every day as well and we are doing our best to help in LOTS of ways!  We are offering the LOWEST prices of the year on Primo Grills, which are not only Made in the USA, they carry a 20 Primo All-In-One Kamodoyear warranty and in addition to being the LAST Grill you’ll ever need…they are as versatile as it gets!  From smoked meats to ‘Wood Fired’ Pizza that is JUST like in the best Pizza places and even baked goods…the Ceramic Grill produces INCREDIBLE results and we will MAKE sure you know HOW to achieve them before you leave the shop!  Our Primo Kamodo ‘All-In-One’ package includes EVERYTHING you need to get started; Grill/Smoker, Cradle with HD Casters, Shelves and Ash Tool!  AND you can get one before Christmas for UNDER $876!!

Our Catering division has NEVER had more options for our customers from our ‘Real Station QDeal’ Wood-Smoked BBQ to the new addition to our fleet: Fully Fun Featured and Functional Fire Trucks that are DECKED OUT in order to provide an AWESOME party experience!  CO2 dispensing systems, Flat Screen, Satellite TV’s, Gaming Systems and ready to ‘Respond’ to your party needs, provide great food and entertainment and then clean up and roll out!  Book SOON…we’ve had a LOT of interest!  BETTER YET, we are offering our Once A Year sale until December 31st…you can save 5% OFF the TOTAL of ANY size event!  Call us for details: 717-254-1937

Our BBQ Competition Team ended the year in Harrisburg, PA back in October and after a 3 year hiatus, we rolled out with two award calls and a great bunch of memories, we GQ4U! Competition BBQare busy preparing for an ACTIVE (for us) 2014 Season and planning on attending at least 6 major competitions!  Meanwhile, we are offering several options already for our 2014 ‘BBQ Master Class’ series with dates already scheduled and filling up in Jan, Feb and March so far with more to come.  For up to date info on dates and times, visit us online at:

We’ve also got a full service Hospitality Consulting division and are capable of helping you work on everything from building a ‘BBQ Business’ or adding ‘Real’ BBQ to your existing menu to building and optimizing a successful website!  We have helped folks take a look at their operations and streamline to increase margins, customer satisfaction and employee productivity and satisfaction!  No matter your needs, we can help!

SO…there’s PLENTY of time left before Christmas to get on down and see us, we are open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 5:30pm to 9:00pm – Saturday from 10am to 2pm and Sundays from Noon to 4pm – OR by Appointment at your convenience!  We’re located at 105 Texaco Road in Mechanicsburg, PA 171050 and online at – not to mention our Twitter and Facebook pages!  For personal attention, call Jim at 717-254-1937 Ext. 1 or E-Mail:

The ‘New’ GreatQ4U!

By, Jim Knepper

So, if you’re a regular reader of the Blog…first of all, Thank You…secondly, you’ll notice that things around our Catering Company are changing pretty dramatically these days!  If you’re entirely new to our Blog and Company…well, you’ve come at a GREAT time!  We ARE indeed going through a number of significant changes, ALL of which are designed to allow us to continue to deliver a quality product AND maintain our commitment to providing individual service to each and every customer!

Our ‘Re-Branding’ includes a number of facets and all of them tie together into one clear focus…providing customers of all types in and around Central PA with FUN and MEMORABLE Events of ALL Types!  We are in the process of re-building our Antique Fire Trucks to feature Flat Screen TV’s, Satellite TV and Gaming Systems, CO2 Dispensing Systems and State-Of-The-Art Grills and Smokers!  We can configure our new ‘5 Alarm Parties’ just about any way you’d like and best of all…we do all the work, you just enjoy!

Additionally, we are expanding our menu and Catering Options to include onsite cooking of more ‘traditional’ Picnic menus that will include Hot Dogs, Kielbassa, Brats, Burgers, Elgin Sausage and more…along with the option of a Brazilian style cookout or a traditionally smoked specialty!  Once again…the choice is all yours, we will be happy to have an Event Specialist or ME if possible speak with you and make sure that we clearly understand your needs….then we’ll provide a number of options for you to consider!

HAH! As if that’s not enough we’ve got even MORE!!! If you live in or around Central PA or if your Company is having a Holiday Party and you’d like Santa himself to arrive in an Antique Fire Truck then hand out Candy, Holiday Treats, Employee Recognition Gifts or whatever you’d like!  We are CURRENTLY BOOKING for ALL of December with 30 minute visits starting at $250 (within 10 miles of Mechanicsburg, PA) – For details call Jim at 717-254-1937 Ext. 1 and we’ll be happy to lock in your date and time!

SO….that’s enough for now, but still only a fraction of what we’ve got going on…hense the lack of Blogging…been working!  We are proud to have a new Shop in Mechanicsburg, PA to house our Fully Fun Featured Fire Trucks and a Tasting Room along with all of our Catering Supplies and more!  We look forward to welcoming our friends and online companions to the shop soon for a ‘Housewarming’!  SO….stay tuned and thanks again for following along! – jak

GQ4U BBQ Battlewagon

WOW…Did Anyone Get the Number of THAT TRAIN???

By, Jim Knepper

SO, this is what happens when I don’t Blog?  Consider it ‘lesson learned’!  I (of course) have MANY good reasons and explanations for my online derelictions, but you don’t read the Blog for THAT….you want to know what’s going ON!

Well, a LOT has been going on after the slowest season EVER for us and many of our suppliers and customers, we did a great deal of re-evaluation and to be honest, 3 weeks ago it looked as if we would go back to being a Competition Team that occasionally did catering…and that was OK with me!  THEN…..***BAM…BAM….BAM*** I can’t recall what hit me, but all of the sudden, everything is different!

Within the last 3 weeks, we have welcomed ‘Big Mack’, our ‘BBQ Battlewagon’ (aka: 1971 CF Mack Fire Truck) which in addition to its personal significance to me as the first type of Engine that I ever rode on over 30 years ago as a young GQ4U BBQ BattlewagonFirefighter/Paramedic…she’s a LOOKER!  Her ‘Debut’ was QUICK and quite well received by our fellow BBQ Teams at the Keystone Classic in Harrisburg, where after we returned from a 3 year Competition ‘hiatus’…we managed Two Calls with a team that had never cooked together before…not bad for us! 😀

THEN…we have begun to get inundated with requests to have the Fire Truck provide OBR Harrisburg 1013our latest offering; the ‘5 Alarm Tailgate’ party!  We can roll in, set up, cook, provide entertainment and draught drinks then clean up, tear down and roll out…all in style!  In addition to ‘Big Mack’, we plan on welcoming ‘Squirt’ in the next few weeks…a 1985 Pierce 50′ Telesquirt that adds a HUGE visual impact, provides overhead lighting and is the PERFECT place to fly your flag! (Literally!)

With all of THIS going on, we needed a place to put it all together and next week, we will provide specific details about ‘Station-Q’ – Our new HQ in Mechanicsburg, PA and conveniently located!  We will house the Fire Fleet, have a tasting area and be able to hold classes and demonstrations at the new facility and we are all REALLY excited!  We are making a BIG INVESTMENT in Central PA because we believe in YOU!  We’ll do our part for SURE!

SO…buckle up and enjoy the ride…it’s going to be a CRAZY ‘off season’! – O’h and consider yourself invited to the Christmas Party at Station Q! 🙂 – jak

Sticking With A BBQ Theme…

…why not?  We ARE afterall a ‘BBQ Caterer’ which I believe that this week’s posts so far have done a pretty good job of covering.  Although, all this reflection and education has got me to thinking a whole bunch about the evolution of BBQ in my life and how that translates to all we are doing today!  So, if you’ve got the time to oblige…here’s a bit of a retrospective followed by an overview of our capabilities as a ‘BBQ Caterer’!

As a kid, growing up in Pittsburgh, I had a pretty funny perception of what “BBQ” was in contrast to my knowledge today.  Back THEN…I thought of what I now call “BBQ” as “Pulled Pork” because that was all I knew of it!  In my hometown we were fortunate enough to have Isaly’s, (’s) which were a Restaurant/Dairy chain that was started in Ohio and they had many outlets in Western PA.  Many folks know of their most famous legacy…the Klondike Bar, which survives today in a variety of forms, all of which are considerably thinner than the originals!  Another thing that Isaly’s was famous for in ‘The Burgh’ was ‘Chipped Ham’…a concept that was entirely foreign when I arrived in Central PA at the turn of the Seventies into the Eighties.  It started with an incredible cooked ‘deli ham’ that was then sliced so thin that it didn’t come off the ‘log’ in full slices…you could also call it ‘shaving’ the meat, but it was ‘chipped’ where I came from.  It took years & a fair amount of migration from Western PA for the groceries in Central PA to learn to do the technique correctly!

SO…why do I spend so much time talking about ‘Chipped Ham’ in a BBQ Blog?  Well…THAT’s what I associated with BBQ until arriving in the Harrisburg area in the early eighties.  You see, ‘Ham BBQ’ was (and still is) an INCREDIBLE treat that comes from starting off with what many would associate with a traditional ‘pan BBQ sauce’ cooked in a pot on the stove using a LOT of ingredients from Western PA.  You start with Heinz Ketchup and then add in whatever ingredients your family used….ours included; brown sugar, Welch’s Grape Jelly, Lemon Juice, Worcestershire sauce and Heinz Sweet Relish.  Bring the whole mixture to a boil and then add in the Chipped Ham.  Cook it all together for a while and the combination of flavors all mix together into a VERY TASTY Ham BBQ which is best served on two slices of white bread.  It’s hot and messy and burns your mouth, but it is a VERY tasty treat and what I knew ‘BBQ’ to be from my youngest years.

Then we moved from Western PA to Central PA and I can still remember the VERY FIRST time that I ordered a ‘BBQ Sandwich’ in a restaurant!  It was a SLOPPY JOE!!!  Ground meat in a sauce that was VERY similar to that mix from a can!  I couldn’t believe that this was considered BBQ and it was perhaps my endoctrination to the regional differences associated with such a simple term!  When you asked for HAM BBQ…people looked at you like you were from another planet! (Same for ‘Chipped Ham’ for many years)  To this day, you will only rarely come across the regional delicacy that I know NOW to be ‘Ham BBQ’ sandwiches.  AND…they STILL call Sloppy Joe’s ‘BBQ’ here in Central PA, although word is spreading that there’s more to it than THAT!

Fast forward many years and more than a few failed ‘BBQ Restaurant’ concepts and I thought I would learn the art of ‘Real Deal’, wood-smoked BBQ!  Why?  Well…because I GQ4U! Pulled Porkcould recall those ‘Pulled Pork’ sandwiches that I used to eat on the way to the beaches of North Carolina when I was a kid and more importantly, I remember specifically the old Pitmaster at the ‘shack’ we would typically stop at and I was ready to see if I could reproduce his product…I am still working at it, but I’ve gotten pretty good! 🙂  It was (at the time) a dying American ‘Art’ and I thought I could help to preserve it!  There were no National BBQ Organizations or Competitions back then and ‘Food TV’ was limited to PBS and folks like Justin Wilson (The Cajun Chef) and Graham Kerr (formerly the Galloping Gourmet) who was WAY ahead of the healthy food curve!

As I chose my equipment and taught myself to ‘do BBQ’, I began with a sauce.  It took nearly two years and TONS of attempts to come up with MY version of an Eastern North Carolina Vinegar sauce that was uniquely my own.  Next I researched smokers and took into consideration the 60+ hours a week that I was working as a Paramedic back then and ultimately chose Pellet Smokers.  Now…here’s where the ‘Stick’ and ‘Coal’ burning BBQ folks like to make fun of me, but once again…that’s a topic for another Blog…I can crank out some REALLY GOOD, wood smoked product from my rigs because I’ve put in the hours and learned how to use them…just like whatever gear you choose to do your BBQ with!

Fast forward to today and a BBQ Catering Operation that finds itself facing the challenges of the current economy and the proliferation of other ‘BBQ Caterers’ and restaurants who have their own approaches to doing BBQ.  I started out doing WAY more Competition that Catering and I loved it because, while that Vinegar sauce rarely earned me respect from the Judges, I always learned a great deal at Competitions from my fellow competitors!  Then…as word got around, folks just started to ask me to cater events and one thing lead to another…so here we are!  We are a ‘Full Service’ BBQ Catering Operation with a LOT to offer customers in and around Central PA and an ever evolving mix of products to put on the table!

No matter what our customers needs, we are committed to listening, understanding and working hard to exceed them!  We have been and always will be committed to sourcing most of our products from local farms and markets and when we do source from outside PA, we do it because of our relationships with incredible sources who are as committed as we are to tradition and quality.  We offer everything from Event Planning, Delivery, Full Service Buffets to our new Whole Hog Roasts (reference yesterday’s post) and Charcuterie catering options that feature all American Meats and Cheeses that rival any of their European counterparts!  We remain committed to each and every customer as if they were our only one and we will NEVER sacrifice the quality of our product in order to make a dollar!

And it ALL started way back when I thought Isaly’s Chipped Ham, mixed in a pot on the stove with a mish mash of ingredients was ‘BBQ’…wow, what a long, strange trip it has been!  Want to know what we can do for you?  Visit us online at and we’ll be happy to help any way that we can!