Thinking About a Ceramic Grill…Now’s the BEST Time to Buy a Primo!

As you may or may not be aware, we have added a Retail Grill and Smoker shop to our lineup of Grilling and BBQ business activities!  Why would we venture into the ‘sharkBBQ tank’ that is retail sales?  Easy…we’ve got LOTS of Experience and Knowledge that can help us listen to your needs and identify the RIGHT product for YOU.  Then, after the sale, we’re still here to help you learn to burn!  We firmly believe that you can educate yourself about all things BBQ and Grilling online…there is TONS of information out there and Education does indeed teach one the RULES, BUT…EXPERIENCE teaches the EXCEPTIONS!  We think each is equally important in life and especially in BBQ!

We’ve got two brands of Grills/Smokers that we currently sell and we’re evaluating Primo OVAL XL Grillmore.  First up, we offer the full line of (Made in the USA) Primo Ceramics which boast their famous Oval design and Extended Cooking Rack system that can deliver nearly 700sq. in. of cooking surface in an amazingly small footprint.  In addition to the versatility of space, it offers you true multi-zone heating so you can cook veg AND do a reverse sear on your steaks ALL on the SAME Grill!  Ceramics provide AWESOME thermal insulation and wind blocking, not to mention nice, even heat which is great for cooking real deal BBQ ‘Low & Slow’ too!  With a 20 year Warranty you can expect a lifetime of service from your Primo Grill/Smoker.

Additionally, we have the revolutionary Myron Mixon Pitmaster Q3 Pellet Grill/Smoker!  It’s easy to use, well designed and built and could LITERALLY replace that cobweb MM Q3filled, rusting gas grill you’ve got outside your back door!  With the ease of use that pellets offer and incredibly innovative features such as a water pan option, firebox burn out and easy ash removal…it’s hard to beat thePitmaster Q3!  Priced lower than most Big Box Store Gas Grills it’s the perfect option to add a whole new dimension to your outdoor cooking and LOTS of wood fired flavor to every dish you cook!

Why is now the BEST time to buy?  Well, until July 7th, the Primo All American Sales Event is happening!  Buy any qualifying Primo Promo 714Primo Grill and Table and get up to $400+ in FREE Accessories to make your purchase complete!  You’ll have the complete outdoor cooking system that stands above all other Ceramics and save BIG BUCKS!  Additionally, we’ve got the Pitmaster Q3 at our lowest price EVER and will toss in a FREE Bag of Pellets to boot!  In fact, buy ANY Grill/Smoker from us and we’ll toss in a T-Shirt and Bottle of BBQ Sauce too!

SO…what are you waiting for, we’re conveniently located at 105 Texaco Road in Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 and can be found on FaceBook & Twitter!  Call Jim at 717-254-1937 x1 or e-mail: for more information or stop by the shop!  We don’t sell hardware, outdoor furniture or home heating products…we ONLY sell BBQ and Grilling products and services and we provide service before, during and AFTER the sale!  For more info online, visit us at



Friggin’ Frozen Fingers Fog…

…I couldn’t think of a word for ‘brain’ or ‘mind’ that began with “F”…so I deployed the old dot, dot, dot trick!  Probably yet another thing that they don’t teach in Journalism school or some form of poor Blog etiquette, but that’s why I cook BBQ for a living and don’t write for the New Yorker!

So, with frozen fingers in mind and work to do before the next big storm gets here, PBCbrevity will be the order of the day.  Just wanted to let folks know some of the plans we’ve got coming up for the warmer weather at ‘Station Q’ in Mechanicsburg, PA.  In addition to the awesome deals that we have on Primo Grills/Smokers right now…we are PROUD to announce that we will be adding the affordable, versatile Pit Barrel Cookers ( to our Retail Shop SOON!  In keeping with our commitment to ‘Made in the USA’, this cooker is not only All American, it’s a Veteran Owned Company!  Priced under $300 and well built from the ground up, these awesome Primo OVAL XL Grillgrill/smokers can do a LOT!  Look for them in March or pre-order yours today!  We’ve got the absolute lowest prices of the year on our In-Stock Primo Ceramic Grill/Smokers and with a wide selection at the shop ready for immediate delivery, we can hook you up today!  We’re available to show off the Primo’s by Appointment at your convenience, just give us a call at 717-254-1937 or visit us online:!

As the Spring thaw approaches, we’ve got openings in our April BBQ Classes and still a few spots left in our Whole Hog Class on April 5th!  Focused on the ‘home cook’ we will Suckling Hogdemonstrate two different cooking methods while covering all the bases about whole hog cooking.  From sourcing, prepping, anatomy, seasoning and serving…you’ll get TONS of knowledge and a full belly at this class.  All for $275 per person…register on the website ( or call us to save your spot.

Don’t have the time or cash to commit to a class just now? No Problem!  We will be offering our ‘Boys Night Out’ on Wednesdays in the Spring and Summer months!  Every Station Qweek we will fire up a Primo and cook some tasty treats, have some comfortable seating available and cover one specific topic that relates to BBQ in some way, shape or form.  BYOB and prepare to get some knowledge and great food for free all while seeing the AWESOME Primo Grills in action!  From basic butchering and knife skills to making Rubs, Mops and Sauces and more, we’ll spend a few hours of cooking, conversing and learning…all for FREE! – We will limit the attendance to 15 folks and require Pre-Registration, but other than that it will be a great time for all!

Speaking of Primo Ceramic Grill/Smokers…we will also be offering folks who purchase their Primo from us the chance to host ‘Primo Parties’!  What’s that?  It’s a chance for you to invite up to 10 friends over to your place to show off your new Primo and it’s incredible versatility and capability while letting us bring the food and help however much you’d like with the cooking!  If any of your party guests buys a Primo from us, you get a $50 GQ4U! Gift Card for every one sold!

SEE…the friggin’ snow hasn’t frozen our brains…yet!  Catering schedule is filling up fast and I’ve already had to break the bad news to several potential customers…don’t like it, but we’re not a big resort…we are a small, local business and plan on keeping it that way!  SO…if you have an event this year and you’d like GreatQ4U! to cater it…BOOK SOON to save your spot!

Thanks for reading along and stay warm! – jak

BBQ Lover? Got one in your life? We’ve got ALL you need!

We say Merry Christmas around here!  Just to get that out of the way up front…BUT, that doesn’t mean that we don’t honor ALL the Holidays that are celebrated this time of year every year!  After all, diversity is what has made America the great country that it is and we celebrate THAT every day!  BUT…we only Celebrate the Christmas season ONCE a YEAR and that means LOTS of benefits for YOU!

We recently opened our FIRST EVER retail store at our shop in Mechanicsburg, PA and it is ALL STOCKED UP with American Made Primo Ceramic Grills/Smokers and GQ4U! New Tee BackBBQ Accessories!  We’ve got sauce, rubs and LOTS of GreatQ4U! Gear from hats and shirts to Gift and Loyalty cards that are the PERFECT gift for that hard to shop for Foodie on your list!  NOT ONLY will they receive bonus bucks rewards, they can use the cards on ANYTHING we sell: Catering, BBQ Classes, Consulting, Primo Grills and Accessories, GQ4U! gear and even a 5-Alarm Fire Truck Party!

It IS without question a tough economy and we get it!  In fact we feel it every day as well and we are doing our best to help in LOTS of ways!  We are offering the LOWEST prices of the year on Primo Grills, which are not only Made in the USA, they carry a 20 Primo All-In-One Kamodoyear warranty and in addition to being the LAST Grill you’ll ever need…they are as versatile as it gets!  From smoked meats to ‘Wood Fired’ Pizza that is JUST like in the best Pizza places and even baked goods…the Ceramic Grill produces INCREDIBLE results and we will MAKE sure you know HOW to achieve them before you leave the shop!  Our Primo Kamodo ‘All-In-One’ package includes EVERYTHING you need to get started; Grill/Smoker, Cradle with HD Casters, Shelves and Ash Tool!  AND you can get one before Christmas for UNDER $876!!

Our Catering division has NEVER had more options for our customers from our ‘Real Station QDeal’ Wood-Smoked BBQ to the new addition to our fleet: Fully Fun Featured and Functional Fire Trucks that are DECKED OUT in order to provide an AWESOME party experience!  CO2 dispensing systems, Flat Screen, Satellite TV’s, Gaming Systems and ready to ‘Respond’ to your party needs, provide great food and entertainment and then clean up and roll out!  Book SOON…we’ve had a LOT of interest!  BETTER YET, we are offering our Once A Year sale until December 31st…you can save 5% OFF the TOTAL of ANY size event!  Call us for details: 717-254-1937

Our BBQ Competition Team ended the year in Harrisburg, PA back in October and after a 3 year hiatus, we rolled out with two award calls and a great bunch of memories, we GQ4U! Competition BBQare busy preparing for an ACTIVE (for us) 2014 Season and planning on attending at least 6 major competitions!  Meanwhile, we are offering several options already for our 2014 ‘BBQ Master Class’ series with dates already scheduled and filling up in Jan, Feb and March so far with more to come.  For up to date info on dates and times, visit us online at:

We’ve also got a full service Hospitality Consulting division and are capable of helping you work on everything from building a ‘BBQ Business’ or adding ‘Real’ BBQ to your existing menu to building and optimizing a successful website!  We have helped folks take a look at their operations and streamline to increase margins, customer satisfaction and employee productivity and satisfaction!  No matter your needs, we can help!

SO…there’s PLENTY of time left before Christmas to get on down and see us, we are open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 5:30pm to 9:00pm – Saturday from 10am to 2pm and Sundays from Noon to 4pm – OR by Appointment at your convenience!  We’re located at 105 Texaco Road in Mechanicsburg, PA 171050 and online at – not to mention our Twitter and Facebook pages!  For personal attention, call Jim at 717-254-1937 Ext. 1 or E-Mail: