Thinking About a Ceramic Grill…Now’s the BEST Time to Buy a Primo!

As you may or may not be aware, we have added a Retail Grill and Smoker shop to our lineup of Grilling and BBQ business activities!  Why would we venture into the ‘sharkBBQ tank’ that is retail sales?  Easy…we’ve got LOTS of Experience and Knowledge that can help us listen to your needs and identify the RIGHT product for YOU.  Then, after the sale, we’re still here to help you learn to burn!  We firmly believe that you can educate yourself about all things BBQ and Grilling online…there is TONS of information out there and Education does indeed teach one the RULES, BUT…EXPERIENCE teaches the EXCEPTIONS!  We think each is equally important in life and especially in BBQ!

We’ve got two brands of Grills/Smokers that we currently sell and we’re evaluating Primo OVAL XL Grillmore.  First up, we offer the full line of (Made in the USA) Primo Ceramics which boast their famous Oval design and Extended Cooking Rack system that can deliver nearly 700sq. in. of cooking surface in an amazingly small footprint.  In addition to the versatility of space, it offers you true multi-zone heating so you can cook veg AND do a reverse sear on your steaks ALL on the SAME Grill!  Ceramics provide AWESOME thermal insulation and wind blocking, not to mention nice, even heat which is great for cooking real deal BBQ ‘Low & Slow’ too!  With a 20 year Warranty you can expect a lifetime of service from your Primo Grill/Smoker.

Additionally, we have the revolutionary Myron Mixon Pitmaster Q3 Pellet Grill/Smoker!  It’s easy to use, well designed and built and could LITERALLY replace that cobweb MM Q3filled, rusting gas grill you’ve got outside your back door!  With the ease of use that pellets offer and incredibly innovative features such as a water pan option, firebox burn out and easy ash removal…it’s hard to beat thePitmaster Q3!  Priced lower than most Big Box Store Gas Grills it’s the perfect option to add a whole new dimension to your outdoor cooking and LOTS of wood fired flavor to every dish you cook!

Why is now the BEST time to buy?  Well, until July 7th, the Primo All American Sales Event is happening!  Buy any qualifying Primo Promo 714Primo Grill and Table and get up to $400+ in FREE Accessories to make your purchase complete!  You’ll have the complete outdoor cooking system that stands above all other Ceramics and save BIG BUCKS!  Additionally, we’ve got the Pitmaster Q3 at our lowest price EVER and will toss in a FREE Bag of Pellets to boot!  In fact, buy ANY Grill/Smoker from us and we’ll toss in a T-Shirt and Bottle of BBQ Sauce too!

SO…what are you waiting for, we’re conveniently located at 105 Texaco Road in Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 and can be found on FaceBook & Twitter!  Call Jim at 717-254-1937 x1 or e-mail: for more information or stop by the shop!  We don’t sell hardware, outdoor furniture or home heating products…we ONLY sell BBQ and Grilling products and services and we provide service before, during and AFTER the sale!  For more info online, visit us at



Talk about some BBQ!!!

Yep…REALLY….I can go on and on and on about BBQ!  Why you ask?  Why ever you’d like I answer…just before launching into a discussion about BBQ!  I mean, there is a LOT to talk about when it comes to “Q”…how it’s developed over the years, how it defines itself by regional differences, how it makes all of us who make it unique and better yet, how it brings us all together!  I know, I know…I AM a bit biased when it comes to BBQ, but it REALLY is a diverse topic for conversation and there are life and business lessons galore in its history!

My point of course, it to let readers of the Blog know that if you have a group that’s looking for a speaker and relatively unique subject matter…maybe we can help!  My background includes extensive training of people from all kinds of backgrounds, public speaking and program development!  We can and have put this to use by weaving a BBQ tale that either is purely entertainment or serves a purpose, such as; discussing the evolution and mission of Operation BBQ Relief, building teams (BBQ or Corporate), learning how to “Q” at least verbally…we do offer classes, but that’s another Blog post and much more!

As we wrap up yet another week and begin plans for the next, keep us in mind if you’re looking for a great talk and professional speaker to come talk to you about BBQ and just how important it is for ALL of us! – or 717-254-1937

What’s YOUR ideal BBQ Menu Look Like?

SO…yesterday I took the initiative to go to the JPI “PA Gourmet” Expo at the York Fairgrounds and had a chance to meet and talks to some great folks!  I was surprised that the number of vendors seemed to be a bit less than the only other time that I attended the event a few years back, but the quality of the vendors was stellar!

I ran into spice people, sauce people, kitchen cabinet people, wine folks, spirits (not the Halloween kine either) people and more!  With the limited amount of time that I had to spend with each of them, I was impressed with all!  In future posts, I’ll expound on my conversations and the products that these folks represent!

BUT…until then, I continue to focus on next season’s BBQ Menu and would LOVE to hear from folks out there in Blog land about what YOU think should be on a ‘BBQ Menu’!  I am thinking about a ‘back to basics’ approach that focuses on the ‘traditional’ BBQ menus of the South!  We will probably add ‘Party Packs’ that are priced for specifically sized groups and offer a set menu at a set price…and there will definitely be more to come!

We have had a fair amount of ‘negative’ feedback about the fact that we don’t have ‘set pricing’ on our website, but I don’t see that changing next year!  Because we support local suppliers and markets and we don’t buy on contract from large suppliers AND given the continual price fluctuations of proteins and everything else (have you seen the price of Chicken lately?)…we will continue to provide FREE estimates for anyone who’s interested in adding some Great “Q” to their 2011 events…just ask!

SO…let me know what YOU think we should add, subtract or offer on the menu…I am looking forward to your suggestions!

Interested in Sponsorship?

Official word is that this year’s Pork-In-The-Park competition is going to have 125 teams in it, making it without question the BIGGEST Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned event this side of the Mississippi!  GreatQ4U!’s BBQ Team is (to steal a popularly used term) ‘Fired Up and Ready to Go’!  There’s even rumor that the Food Network will be there…but that rumor exists every year, I guess you never know!  Anyway we got to talking about all of this exposure in the team meeting this week and the subject of Sponsorship came up.  It’s something that we’ve never done before and are a bit cautious about doing, but it IS a great opportunity!

SO, the short story is that if you, your business or someone you know would like to Sponsor the GreatQ4U! Competition BBQ Team for the upcoming Pork-In-the-Park Competition in Salisbury, MD on April 16-18…we’d be interested in talking!  We could provide LOTS of exposure, special ‘Back Stage Access’ to the GreatQ4U! Pit area, Heck, we could even toss in some BBQ instruction…all depends on you’re offer!  We’d be interested in discussing any sponsorship opportunities, from foods and supplies to good old fashioned cash!  We’re pretty certain that the exposure you get from the event itself will make sponsorship worthwhile, but we’d be happy to discuss more about what’s in it for you, just shoot me an e-mail: or call in the office on Weekdays at 717-254-1937!

Even if you’re not sponsoring us…come on down to Salisbury and have some fun at Pork-In-The-Park 2010!

YESSSSS…..I am!!!

“You’re Dr. Galakewitz?” – or so the shortlived (but quite humorous) Beer commercial went during the Super Bowl a few years back!  Spawnning a number of follow up commercials and ultimately, ambiguity for the campaign that led to it being replaced by the next big thing in advertising!  Well…this entry has NOTHING to do with beer OR commercials, but it has something to do with TV.  Yep, this season marks the pinnacle of attention that BBQ and its Pitmasters have ever received from the general public at large, thanks entirely to the new series “BBQ Pitmasters” on The Learning Channel.  Just like American Choppers, Hotrods, et al, we’ve finally made it!

So it would seem anyway.  I guess that it’s truly a good thing to have such a broad interest in real BBQ that it makes it to lots of folks TV sets a couple of times a week these days.  It’s even better for the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS – and all of us teams, judges and members because it gives creedence to the difficulty involved in making ‘Competition Quality’ BBQ.  I’m sure it even helps to drive up membership in all of the National and Regional BBQ Associations.  It just seems funny to me that an art form that’s been in existence since perhaps the cave men (and women) walked the earth, is just now getting this kind of attention!

For all of us true “Q” lovers, it is a passion to experience and produce authentic, smoked BBQ products.  We drive or fly or ride our bikes to BBQ joints across the country just for a sandwich or some ribs or brisket. (Shout out to Arthur Bryant’s for one of my personal favorites!)  We can detail for just about anyone who asks where and when we’ve had the pleasure of eating truly GREAT BBQ, they are memories that never fade.  Some of us had to learn to cook it and then aquire all the trappings of a ‘Pitmaster’ to reproduce “Q” that we ate before since we didn’t have any close to where we live! (North of the Mason Dixon line, but only physically)  Others are multigenerational BBQ gurus!  All have a common thread that binds us together, a love of BBQ!

SO….what could be bad about a TV series you ask?  I think that as with everything you can, in fact, get too much of a good thing!  I mean, have you seen Boyd Coddington screaming at any shop employees on TV lately?  That’s just one example, there are many more.  Also, as I have watched several episodes of the show now, I have seen how some could draw the conclusion that competitors are drunks, or mean spirited or confrontational.  Without question, KCBS events are competitive and the folks in them are serious about their craft, but it’s been my experience in several years of competition or as a KCBS Judge that some of the nicest, kindest folks in the world compete in BBQ competitions!  Folks are more than willing to lend a hand, even before you ask!  There’s some consumption of icy cold, adult beverages, but for the most part, it stays in check.

I guess what makes good TV doesn’t necessarily reflect all of the things about BBQ that I love so much, but it does bring awareness to this incredibly difficult to achieve skill….making Great “Q”!  So for that I am thankful and hope that it inspires more folks to get involved in competition and better yet, in eating some GreatQ4U! (  I’m interested to hear what y’all think of the series and more than happy to answer any “Q” related questions you might have!  As for competitions…Pork-In-The-Park, Salisbury, MD – April 16th & 17th, 2010…be there, we will!  (So will over 100 other teams…its a BIG event and the folks who put it on make sure that there’s stuff for the whole family to do!)

Merry Christmas one and all!

Jim, Pit Master; GreatQ4U!

Chicken Thighs