Monday, Monday…

…and I’m not exactly feeling ‘Blogtastic’!  Could be the sun and warm morning (FINALLY) or possibly the stretched tendon in my left thumb that has reared its ugly head again following years of relatively quiet torment…nonetheless…here I am doing my best to type away! 🙂

As with the vast majority of my BBQ Brethren, this time of year REALLY gets my juices flowing!  We clean out the smokers, prepare the outdoor kitchens, work on recipes, disinfect and powerwash the coolers and Cambros and check out the latest in ‘BBQ Gadgets’ on the market!  It’s a BBQ revival and ritual that comes every year, just about this time!

Without question, things are different this time around though…the effects of the Economy evident on the Booking Schedule and in the prices of our raw product!  We are doing MUCH to help out, including creating more cost-effective ways to deliver GreatQ to you and your guests.  We’re expanding menus and adding some incredible options to reach a wider range of customers and we have a REALLY cool chance for folks who want to learn how to do ‘Real Deal’ BBQ to choose a class that meets their specific needs OR take a whole series of classes that will walk you through the whole process!

We are being re-born and can officially call a start to ‘BBQ Season 2013’ and as we approach our 10th Anniversary as a Catering Company…we are thankful for all that we have!  Great customers, incredible followers online, true mentors and of course…Blog readers!  Stay tuned for more thoughts as this ‘Game Keeper’s Thumb’ gets better!  Have a GREAT week and make every day count! – jak

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Time for some Cowboy Cuisine?

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