How We Do ‘Beer Can [style]’ Chicken

OK…after some requests following the ‘Pulled Pork’ Re-Blog…here’s some insight as to how we do our Chickens on the smoke!

GreatQ4U! BBQ Blog

Given the inadvertent direction of the Blog this week has been to talk about the History, Methods and Techniques of BBQ and how they apply to our situation here at GreatQ4U!, I’ve chosen to talk about how we do whole chickens on the smoke.  Lest I lend myself to someone thinking of the age old adage; ‘Those who can DO…those who can’t TEACH!’ – All due respect to teachers and instructors everywhere…I have taught thousands of folks LOTS of stuff over the years and I’ve always believed strongly that being able to DO what you teach is the ONLY way to be credible.  I learned that from many more mentors who thought and did the same…but enough about philosophy and onto the Chicken!

We have, since our beginnings, had what we call ‘Beer Can Style’ Chicken on our menus and it’s a very popular selection.  In fact…it was the ONLY way that we…

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