BBQ is about MUCH More than Style and Technique.

GreatQ4U! BBQ Blog

By, Jim Knepper

I spend probably more time than I should watching ‘trends’ and ‘data’ about all kinds of foodservice operations across the country.  I watch the Independents, MUFSO’s, QSR’s and Catering of all types closely.  I have seen many food ‘trends’ come and go over the year, some of them only to re-appear on the food scene years later!

All that said, I have begun to read, hear and feel an undercurrent of questions about theBBQ! ‘State of BBQ in America’ as it exists today and where it’s heading.  I’ve read more than one eloquent ‘foodie opinion’ or industry ‘expert’ suggest that the ‘BBQ trend is unsustainable’ and that it is ‘on its way out’.

Well, with all due respect I could not disagree more with those assessments!  I mean, I buy that the era of the ‘celebrity chef’ may eventually become far less prominent in our country than it…

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