How WE Do Pulled Pork…kind of…

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…OK,  so I may leave out a tip or two and you won’t find any ingredient lists in this post, but it will cover the ‘Basics’ of Pulled Pork!  I just know that I will be typing this again, but to get it out there up front…there are LOTS of different ways to do Pulled Pork…I’m not sayin’ that ours is the BEST…(I think it is, though! :)…I’m just sayin’ that this is Kinda’ how WE do it!  Also…you could use the same techniques with just about any cooking method capable of maintaining a temp for long periods of time! SO…once again…as with all things “Q”….experiment and find out how YOU like it…this is just a place to start if you want!

OK, so most folks (including US) use primarily ‘Boston Butt’ or ‘Blade Roast’ to do Pulled Pork.  I’ve mentioned before that this is the top half of the…

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