How We Do ‘Beer Can [style]’ Chicken

OK…after some requests following the ‘Pulled Pork’ Re-Blog…here’s some insight as to how we do our Chickens on the smoke!

GreatQ4U! BBQ Blog

Given the inadvertent direction of the Blog this week has been to talk about the History, Methods and Techniques of BBQ and how they apply to our situation here at GreatQ4U!, I’ve chosen to talk about how we do whole chickens on the smoke.  Lest I lend myself to someone thinking of the age old adage; ‘Those who can DO…those who can’t TEACH!’ – All due respect to teachers and instructors everywhere…I have taught thousands of folks LOTS of stuff over the years and I’ve always believed strongly that being able to DO what you teach is the ONLY way to be credible.  I learned that from many more mentors who thought and did the same…but enough about philosophy and onto the Chicken!

We have, since our beginnings, had what we call ‘Beer Can Style’ Chicken on our menus and it’s a very popular selection.  In fact…it was the ONLY way that we…

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BBQ is about MUCH More than Style and Technique.

GreatQ4U! BBQ Blog

By, Jim Knepper

I spend probably more time than I should watching ‘trends’ and ‘data’ about all kinds of foodservice operations across the country.  I watch the Independents, MUFSO’s, QSR’s and Catering of all types closely.  I have seen many food ‘trends’ come and go over the year, some of them only to re-appear on the food scene years later!

All that said, I have begun to read, hear and feel an undercurrent of questions about theBBQ! ‘State of BBQ in America’ as it exists today and where it’s heading.  I’ve read more than one eloquent ‘foodie opinion’ or industry ‘expert’ suggest that the ‘BBQ trend is unsustainable’ and that it is ‘on its way out’.

Well, with all due respect I could not disagree more with those assessments!  I mean, I buy that the era of the ‘celebrity chef’ may eventually become far less prominent in our country than it…

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Learning to Cook Smoked BBQ At Home

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to learn how to make your own, wood smoked BBQ at home!  Nor is it an expensive technique to learn, although it can become a ‘habit’ and we all know that they can get expensive as we progress with our skills!  In fact, Jim’s alwaysGQ4U! Competition BBQ heard saying that ‘BBQ is easy to learn to do, but takes a lifetime to master’!  So, perhaps all you need to get started is some basic information about equipment and meat selection and the process itself!  Perhaps you’re already equipped to cook indirect using the low and slow technique, but you need to dial in your skills a bit?  What about cooking the ‘whole hog’…a popular concept on the BBQ TV shows and not too tough to do at home with a small hog!

No matter your interest, as the Catering season begins to wind down, the BBQ Classes begin to crank up here at GreatQ4U!  We’ve already scheduled September dates for our ‘BBQ101‘ and ‘BBQ 201’ as well as our ‘Whole Hog’ and ‘BBQ Business’ classes, they can be found on our website: where by choosing the ‘Pay Now’ option under each class, you can sign up and save your spot as they are limited attendance events!  If those dates don’t work for you, we should have October dates up by the end of cropped-butts.jpgthis week!  In addition to the ‘Master Class’ series of programs, we will also be scheduling ‘Wednesday Night Workshops’ where in 3 hours, we will cover basic BBQ Recipes; preparation, cooking and best of all tasting!  So…stay tuned to the Website or our FaceBook page for more details!

Why learn to BBQ in the Fall?  Well, you can browse back through years of posts here on the Blog to read Jim’s thoughts on BBQ in the cooler months and how it’s even BETTER!  We believe strongly that BBQ is not just for the Summer months and that the cooler cropped-alabama-ribs.jpgtemps of the Fall and Winter lend themselves to some AWESOME product!  SO…check out the classes and save your spot soon, we would LOVE to have you join us at the shop in Mechanicsburg, PA!  We’ve structured the BBQ101 and 201 classes so that you can take a whole weekend and learn all four types of meat cooked in Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned competitions!  Again, the classes are available to sign up for on the site:

For more information, feel free to e-mail Jim: – Thanks for reading along and we hope you make this an AWESOME week!

How WE Do Pulled Pork…kind of…

GreatQ4U! BBQ Blog

…OK,  so I may leave out a tip or two and you won’t find any ingredient lists in this post, but it will cover the ‘Basics’ of Pulled Pork!  I just know that I will be typing this again, but to get it out there up front…there are LOTS of different ways to do Pulled Pork…I’m not sayin’ that ours is the BEST…(I think it is, though! :)…I’m just sayin’ that this is Kinda’ how WE do it!  Also…you could use the same techniques with just about any cooking method capable of maintaining a temp for long periods of time! SO…once again…as with all things “Q”….experiment and find out how YOU like it…this is just a place to start if you want!

OK, so most folks (including US) use primarily ‘Boston Butt’ or ‘Blade Roast’ to do Pulled Pork.  I’ve mentioned before that this is the top half of the…

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