Another Friday Morning Thinking About Work!

By, Jim Knepper

Here I sit, one cup of coffee down and planning on a brief break from the keyboard to go get another…

…OK I’m back and refreshed!  Ready to get the day rolling and planning all the important ‘Business Stuff’ that I’ve got to do today.  All the while recalling having lunch with one of my first bosses in an open air food court years ago when he offered advice that I still think about today: “Jimmy, I never schedule anything for Friday afternoons”!

With that sage advice in mind, there is much to do on this Friday and I’m planning on getting ‘right on it’ as soon as I finish typing a few thoughts about our ongoing ‘evolution’ as a Catering and Event Planning company.  Specifically concentrating on a few things that we get the most questions about:

What kind of ‘Event Planning’ do you do? – After a decade of focusing specifically on our ‘core competency’ of Wood-Smoked BBQ Catering, we have worked with more than a few ‘Event Planners’, some great at what they do, others not-so-much!  I like to think that we’ve learned many lessons about that end of this business along the way and we are now able to put them to work for our customers!  No matter how much or little you’d like us to do, if you’re having any kind of event we can handle it!  From helping to identify venues to negotiating pricing and arranging for everything from Tents, Linens, Place settings, Entertainment and Food Service to suggesting options that may not have occurred to our customers…we are GOOD at making events special and memorable!

What’s up with the Fire Trucks?  Been getting this question a LOT lately and there are a few answers that aren’t evident simply because we haven’t had much of an opportunity to get photos of them ‘in action’ due to the Polar Vortex!  First Answer…they Station Qare the perfect ‘BBQ Battlewagons’ for our Competition BBQ Team to load up and travel to BBQ Competitions here in the NorthEast and they make people at the competitions smile…I like that!  Additionally, they are in the process of being completely outfitted to cater parties, specifically Tailgates or Outdoor gatherings.  We anticipate that the ‘sweet spot’ will be groups of up to 75 folks.  We will be able to ‘respond’ to your event, set up seating and entertainment (Flat Screen, Satellite HDTV, Gaming System, Sound System, CO2 dispensing system and more) while cooking an AWESOME meal for your guests, then clean up (overhaul) and roll out!  All while giving your guests something to remember!  SO…if you’re planning a tailgate in Philly, Baltimore, DC or Pittsburgh this Fall…NOW’s the time to book!

Do you do more than BBQ Now?  Funny question because we’ve always done far more than BBQ, but it has been the flagship of our sales and marketing efforts for 10GQ4U! Competition BBQ years now!  Obviously, we do really good BBQ, but we are a completely ‘custom’ caterer and are capable of building menus that meet just about any taste or budget and we work hard with every customer to fully understand their needs and then exceed them!

Well…that’s about enough as Friday afternoon rapidly approaches and I’ve got a busy ‘unscheduled’ day ahead!  I hope that everyone has a SPECTACULAR weekend and that if you’re planning an Event in or around Central PA this year, you give us a shot at making it extra special!  Visit us online at or call me at 717-254-1937 and we’ll get started today…even though it IS Friday! – Be good! – jak


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