New Week, New Opportunities!

By, Jim Knepper

As we begin the unofficial start of ‘booking season’ for the Catering side of the business, I can’t help but think of all the changes that we’ve been through in the past 10 years as a Company.  How much the local marketplace, the economy and the gear that we use to get the job done has changed.  Some for the better, some not-so-much, but change nonetheless is inevitable.

We begin this season with quite a few big changes in our business.  We continue to focus on providing the best wood-smoked meats and hand made sides that we possibly can, but our minds, hearts and menus have been open wide to accommodate tastes of all types.  We continue to offer our ‘Chuckwagon Style’ parties that allow us to provide a Station Qfun, interactive and tasty meal experience by cooking in cast iron over open fires and with charcoal.  All the while replicating the methods and tastes of the American pioneer as they headed into the great western expanses of this country.  We’ve added the unique ability to ‘respond’ to your party in an Antique Fire Truck with everything we need to set up, cook for and clean up after an awesome 5-Alarm event for you and your guests!  Turns out that just about everybody loves Fire Trucks and they certainly make for an entertaining party…fully equipped with CO2 dispensing systems, Flat Screen TV’s with Satellite and Gaming systems too!  We’ve expanded our menus and so much more and are ready to help make your next party a success.

Our website ( now features an updated brochure with a few Primo OVAL XL Grillsuggested menus and pricing and we continue to work on the site every day to make it more concise, easy to navigate and informative.  I’ve committed to spending more time GQ4U! Competition BBQon the Blog, not only to pontificate about my thoughts, but to keep our friends and fans up to date about all we’ve got going on.  We are working hard on our Primo Grill and Smoker shop ( and have added a number of BBQ Classes for folks in and around Central PA to learn how to do ‘Que the way we do for customers and competition.  We are offering anyone who purchases a Primo Grill/Smoker from us the chance to host a ‘Primo Party’ (a guy’s version of the ‘Pampered Chef’!) where you invite your friends over and we’ll bring the food and expertise to help you show off your new Primo and it’s versatility while earning bonuses for every friend who chooses to follow in your footsteps and purchase the last grill/smoker they’ll ever need!

SO…as this week begins, I once again thank all the readers of the Blog for following along and promise that if you stay tuned, you’ll find updates, product reviews, instructional videos and much more on these pages in the months to come!  I hope you all have a spectacular week! – jak


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