Mr. Grill Thermal Heat Resistant Gloves – PRODUCT REVIEW

By, Jim Knepper

Recently, we received a pair of Mr. Grill gloves to try out around the pits and write a Mr. Grill 1review of here on the Blog.  With the ‘Arctic Trough’ that hovers above us and most of the country, I must admit that my ability to use them on the Pits or even the grill has been limited, BUT…we have used them in and around the kitchen and I think are able to provide a fairly comprehensive review.  That said, I will post an update and photos when it this Arctic weather moves out and we can get some better photos!

Mr. Grill 2Mr. Grill gloves are made with Kevlar and are Nomex lined (same stuff that firefighters and race car drivers use to protect them from fire) come in a box of two priced at $29.99 and are available on Amazon ( or directly from the Mr. Grill Website (  While there are many similar products on the market, there are a few notable differences that we’ve observed so far:

  • The silicone ‘gripping’ on the gloves is in a webbed pattern that provides significant coverage on the front AND back of the glove which makes the possibility of hot stuff slipping out of your hands minimal.
  • The gloves are ‘One Size fits Most’ which is a normal thing for this type of product, but with my short, chubby fingers required a bit of ‘pulling down’ on the fingers to get a good fit.  Not really an inconvenience given that they will fit just about any adult in the family.
  • You get TWO gloves for what some companies will charge you for only ONE.
  • The company’s claims that the gloves can withstand heat up to 450°F and will endure an open flame are REALLY TRUE!  We used them on several trays of ‘cracklin’s’ that we did at 500°F and never felt the heat from the sheet pans!

So…First Impression of the Mr. Grill gloves is that you get a great deal on a pair of Mr. Grill 3gloves that will serve you both on the smoker/grill and around the kitchen at a price point of about $15 per glove!  They have some distinctive features such as the extensive use of silicone that make them superior to other gloves of this type that we have used for handling hot metals.  While they are NOT impervious to water or BBQ sauce and should not be used when wet…they are awfully handy around the kitchen and Pits!  SO…TWO (gloved) thumbs up for Mr. Grill’s Nomex lined Grill Gloves from us!

Mr. Grill 4


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