Welcome to 2014! Best Year YET at GreatQ4U!

By, Jim Knepper

Well…after this Snow and Sub-Zero weather moves off and we return to a ‘normal’ winter weather pattern, things are BOUND to improve!  Alas, we started the year with our FIRST ever BBQ Classes Scheduled in January (when we typically hibernate) having to be Re-Scheduled due to the freezing cold temps, snow and an uncertain prediction for Sunday.  I apologize to all who were inconvenienced by this decision, but I made it with both safety and optimal cooking in mind.  Lesson learned…NEVER schedule classes for ‘Farm Show’ week in PA!

Aside for the frigid start to the season, we have MUCH to look forward to this year!  We Meat Rakehave our NEW location in Mechanicsburg, which while not east to find, provides us with a PERFECT home to our Catering Operations, Primo Grill Shop and ‘BBQ Battlewagon’ Fire Trucks.  We are still working on making the space ‘ours’ and getting things ‘ship shape’ for ‘BBQ Season’ and look forward to MANY great things to come at ‘Station Q’.

Additionally, we are re-working our menus and adding substantially to our already significant list of ways to meet the needs of a diverse group of customers!  If you’re looking for ‘Real Deal’, Wood-Smoked BBQ…we still do it like we’ve always done!  GQ4U! Smoked Rainbow Trout‘Competition Quality’, Award Winning BBQ each and every time!  Sourced locally, prepped and cooked traditionally and brought to you hot off the smoker every time!  We are also able to accommodate the ‘Non-BBQ’ customers with a menu as broad as your imagination!  While we won’t promise the moon, we WILL promise to listen to your needs and if we can meet them, we’ll get you a written Estimate with no obligation on your end! (Although…if you’re planning a Spring or Summer 2014 event…BOOK SOON to save your spot!)

We are working hard on getting our “BBQ Battlewagons” all geared up and ready to Station Qprovide an AWESOME party experience.  We can roll into your party of 25-50 folks with a Fully Fun Featured Fire Truck that is decked out to set-up, cook, serve and entertain your guests!  Flat Screen TV’s, CO2 Dispensing system, Satellite TV, Gaming system, Tables, Chairs, Food and Fun…they have literally got it all!  O’h yeah…they can squirt water too!  If you’d like us to do a 5-Alarm Party for you…call soon to save your date! 717-254-1937.  Also, stay tuned for them to appear at BBQ Competitions all over the Mid-Atlantic from which we’ll be doing live updates on Social Media and Videos too!

As if THAT’s not enough, we have a full service Grill/Smoker shop featuring ALL American Made Primo Grills and Smokers with every accessory that you can imagine!  Primo OVAL XL GrillWe will help you choose the RIGHT grill for you and then teach you to use it so that you can take full advantage of the versatile and AWESOME Primo products!  Our goal is for EVERY customer to know and love their new grill/smoker and we’ve got the knowledge to make sure that you do!

SO…as we roll into this new year, we look forward to the BEST year yet…despite a snowy and cold start!  We thank EACH and EVERY one of our customers for helping us to make a living following our passion and promise to do our best to bring you all along for what promises to be a REALLY FUN RIDE! (In a Fire Truck, of course!) – Best wishes to you ALL for a Safe, Healthy and HAPPY New Year!  Visit us online at www.GreatQ4U.com


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