Those Who Know, Choose Primo!

OK, Okay…I know I have said MANY times that much like anything else, the BEST Grill or Smoker for YOU is one that you USE!  I continue to stand by that line and hope that you find yourself enjoying grilled and/or smoked foods as often as you like!  Each of these cooking techniques adds so much to the flavor profiles of ‘common’ meals and provides a visceral connection to our ancestors all the way back to the origins of fire!

THAT SAID…BUY A PRIMO CERAMIC GRILL!!!  Why you ask?  Well..because WE SELL THEM! 🙂  Yes…we are PROUD to be Central PA’s newest Primo Grill dealer and Primo Kamodo Grillwow can we help you choose the right model for your needs then learn how to use it!  In fact, I know folks who cook on their Primo’s just about EVERY night!  We have the knowledge and attentive experience to listen to your needs and then hook you up!

So…why buy a Primo?  Well, in addition to the fact that they are the ONLY Ceramic Grill/Smokers that are Made in the USA and their legendary 20 Year Warranty (How many gas grills would you go through in 20 years???) There are a number of compelling reason’s to add a Primo to your cooking capabilities:

  • The ability to cook a wide variety of foods including steaks, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, pizzas & vegetables that have an unbeatable taste!
  • You can grill and/or smoke while maintaining a consistent low temperature or high temperature and even take advantage of 2 heating zones!
  • Ceramics provide even heating across the entire surface of the grill!
  • Primo Grills are the highest quality grill and smoker made with our SuperCeramics and in our manufacturing facility overseen daily by our Founder and business leaders!

As if THAT’s not ENOUGH to get you to choose a Primo (, we are Primo OVAL XL Grilloffering an Introductory Special which offers a FREE BBQ CLASS of your choice during our January ‘BBQ Master Class’ series and $25 store credit for Accessories for ANY Primo Grill purchased before Christmas!  That’s up to $275 in direct bonus gifts for ALL Primo Grill purchases!  Look for our Black Grill, Black Friday Specials for ONE day only THIS FRIDAY!  (We WILL NOT be open on Thanksgiving because that is plain SILLY!)

So…as we continue to lead the charge for hand prepared, locally sourced Catering and incredible 5 Alarm Fire Truck Parties, we can give you the tools and knowledge to make meals like the one’s our catering customers have come to LOVE right in your own back yard!  For more info on our current special, give Jim a call at 717-254-1937 or e-mail him at:

REMEMBER: Those Who KNOW Choose PRIMO!!!


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