Why Fire Trucks for Parties?

By, Jim Knepper

I have answered THAT question more than once in recent weeks, so I thought I ought to simply Blog about it and then EVERYONE can understand a bit more clearly!  That said, the MAIN reason is that they are BIG, they can carry a LOT and EVERYONE LOVES Fire Trucks!  Beyond that, there a few other corollaries that are relevant to our decision to add them to our Catering and Event services roster:

Perhaps the MOST significant reason for those who aren’t familiar with the origins of OBR Harrisburg 1013GreatQ4U! and my personal background, is that I was a Volunteer Firefighter and Career Paramedic for >25 years and I was still working in Transplant Medicine when this business was born!  More importantly, the manufacturers of the Antique Fire Trucks that we are in the process of getting ready for AWESOME Parties are the same as those that I grew up in the Fire Service riding on!  In FACT, our 1971 CF-600 Mack was born right here in Allentown, PA!  (Keepin’ it LOCAL as always!)

Additionally, the design of the Fire Trucks allows us to take advantage of their MANY features that are TREMENDOUS for helping to make your event special!  All those Station Qcabinets give us room to store LOTS of Catering stuff, yes…BUT…they also allow us to add features like Satellite Flat Screen TV’s, Gaming and Sound systems, CO2 (Beer) Dispensing systems, Tables, Chairs and more!  We can literally ‘Respond’ to your location and provide a stand alone party!  Set Up, Cook, Entertain, Serve, Clean Up, Tear Down and off we go!  It’s a ‘no brainer’ if you’re looking for a unique and cool idea for your next event.

Finally…they are FULLY FUNCTIONAL Fire Trucks!  That mean’s that they can hold GQ4U BBQ Battlewagonand pump water which allows us to ‘build in’ additional experiences for you and your guests!  Whether it’s just taking turns handling the ‘attack hose’ or putting up the 50′ Aerial ladder and flying your flag from it to let folks know where and perhaps who you are!  We can set up all kinds of fun events with them and are happy to do so if that’s what you and your guests would like!

SO…in addition to being personally relevant to me and my commitment to helping others, they are functional and most of all…FUN!!!  If you’d like to know how we can ROCK your next party with a 5-Alarm response to quench your guest’s thirst for fun, e-mail me at: Jim@GreatQ4U.com or visit us online at www.GreatQ4U.com


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