Here Come the Ho-Ho-Holidays!

Yep…you can’t deny it now!  Since the local stores have decided to start putting out Christmas Decorations in SEPTEMBER now and ‘Black Friday’ is actually ANY day on the first week of November…we’ve decided that it’s OK for us to weigh in!  (A significant decision considering that ‘back in the day’ we were closed up this time of year!)

As a kid I can CLEARLY remember going to the Strip Mall or wherever to see Santa arrive for the Holidays, typically in a Fire Truck, but if we were really lucky it would be by helicopter!  Well..we don’t have a helicopter (yet)…BUT we DO have our ‘BBQ Battlewagon’ which is a pretty, red, Mack (PA Made…like US) Fire Truck and a PERFECT way to have Santa arrive in STYLE to your business or home!

Everyone Loves a Fire Truck!!!

Everyone Loves a Fire Truck!!!

For businesses in and around Central PA, we are offering the opportunity to have Santa stop by for 30 minutes, arriving with lights and bells to let everyone know he’s there and then interacting with your guests or employees.  We’ll provide a jovial Santa Clause and Candy Canes to hand out to all your guests and if you’d like, we can hand out special gifts, employee bonuses or whatever you’d like to make it even more personal!  All of this starting at $250 per visit depending on location and duration of visit!

If that’s a bit pricey for you and you’d STILL like to have Santa arrive at your home or gathering on a Fire Truck and hand out Candy Canes…we have several options for you and the best way to get the right one is to call or e-mail us!  717-254-1937 or


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