WOW…Did Anyone Get the Number of THAT TRAIN???

By, Jim Knepper

SO, this is what happens when I don’t Blog?  Consider it ‘lesson learned’!  I (of course) have MANY good reasons and explanations for my online derelictions, but you don’t read the Blog for THAT….you want to know what’s going ON!

Well, a LOT has been going on after the slowest season EVER for us and many of our suppliers and customers, we did a great deal of re-evaluation and to be honest, 3 weeks ago it looked as if we would go back to being a Competition Team that occasionally did catering…and that was OK with me!  THEN…..***BAM…BAM….BAM*** I can’t recall what hit me, but all of the sudden, everything is different!

Within the last 3 weeks, we have welcomed ‘Big Mack’, our ‘BBQ Battlewagon’ (aka: 1971 CF Mack Fire Truck) which in addition to its personal significance to me as the first type of Engine that I ever rode on over 30 years ago as a young GQ4U BBQ BattlewagonFirefighter/Paramedic…she’s a LOOKER!  Her ‘Debut’ was QUICK and quite well received by our fellow BBQ Teams at the Keystone Classic in Harrisburg, where after we returned from a 3 year Competition ‘hiatus’…we managed Two Calls with a team that had never cooked together before…not bad for us! 😀

THEN…we have begun to get inundated with requests to have the Fire Truck provide OBR Harrisburg 1013our latest offering; the ‘5 Alarm Tailgate’ party!  We can roll in, set up, cook, provide entertainment and draught drinks then clean up, tear down and roll out…all in style!  In addition to ‘Big Mack’, we plan on welcoming ‘Squirt’ in the next few weeks…a 1985 Pierce 50′ Telesquirt that adds a HUGE visual impact, provides overhead lighting and is the PERFECT place to fly your flag! (Literally!)

With all of THIS going on, we needed a place to put it all together and next week, we will provide specific details about ‘Station-Q’ – Our new HQ in Mechanicsburg, PA and conveniently located!  We will house the Fire Fleet, have a tasting area and be able to hold classes and demonstrations at the new facility and we are all REALLY excited!  We are making a BIG INVESTMENT in Central PA because we believe in YOU!  We’ll do our part for SURE!

SO…buckle up and enjoy the ride…it’s going to be a CRAZY ‘off season’! – O’h and consider yourself invited to the Christmas Party at Station Q! 🙂 – jak


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