September 11 – 343 – Never Forget!

Today’s post is brief and to the point!  Before I became a full time ‘BBQ Guy’ I had the GREAT HONOR to be a career Public Servant, specifically a volunteer firefighter and a career Paramedic.  I was personally affected on 9/11 and I recall every moment and detail of that day.  16 hours after the towers fell, I was packed and standing in the bay at Lower Swatara EMS prepared to deploy anywhere, for anything.

Much has changed in America and the world since that day, but the commitment of my brothers and sisters in Public Service has not!  Service, Sacrifice, Honor and Integrity!  Take a moment today to remember that you live in a country where others are willing to run in as everyone else runs out.  Think about the dangers faced by nameless faces across the country crouched over at 2AM in the mangled wreckage of a car with trucks racing by at 70mph just inches away trying to intubate a patient with a serious head injury.  Imagine the courage of those who climb into Airships to support Fire and EMS.  Think!

Then….be THANKFUL! – We will NEVER Forget!




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