Can BBQ Help End Childhood Hunger?

I think so!!! It is a real and growing problem in America and there are BBQ People across the country that have the time, knowledge and equipment…not to mention ‘connections’ to help make a dent!  According to the No Kid Hungry campaign ( there are about 17 MILLION children in America who fight hunger EVERY DAY!  In AMERICA…HUNGRY KIDS!!!  We NEED to do more!

SO…here are MY thoughts anyway!  Just about EVERY community has ‘BBQ People’ in it these days, be they Caterers, Restaurants or Competition Teams…they ALL have BIG Smokers, LOTS of knowledge and Suppliers from whom they purchase a LOT or perhaps Sponsors who are ALWAYS looking for some FREE PRESS to get their name out into the community!

Find a local Food Bank or Homeless shelter…it’s NOT hard to do these days.  If you can’t find one…call your local Salvation Army, they typically have kitchens to feed folks who are hungry.  Work WITH them to build a day of education and cooking and then JUST DO IT!  Bring in your gear and food, get a bunch of kids to help out and while doing so, TEACH them how to cook…that can go a LONG way itself!  BBQ is FUN, it’s EASY to learn (incredibly difficult to master…but easy to learn) and it’s ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY!

Get the local press there to see what you are doing!  It brings attention to a horrible problem. (If you need info and/or statistics, once again: It gets your business or BBQ team and your suppliers/sponsors some press and MOST IMPORTANTLY it FEEDS KIDS who NEED it while teaching them to cook for themselves and their family using ‘typically cheaper’ cuts of meat that may help the family budget!

WIN-WIN!!! – Short but purposeful post today…interested in hearing from folks who are already doing this or who’ve got even MORE suggestions about how the BBQ Community can help to end childhood hunger in America! – Have a GREAT week!


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