GreatQ4U! Status Update…It’s Been A While!

SO….I was doing pretty good with updating the Blog on a regular basis and then, well….LIFE!  Need I explain that as the closer ‘BBQ Season’ gets, the more difficult it becomes to sit down and pound away on a keyboard, which is not to say that nothing’s going on.  In fact…LOTS is going on and I wanted to get the word out for all to hear:

Our Spring, Summer and now Fall catering schedules are about as Full as they are going to get.  We are in the process of making a few changes around here that will limit substantially our ability to help you out this year if you’ve got an event with >100 folks at it!  BUT…we ‘know some guys’…so if you are in or around Central PA and looking to have authentic, wood-smoked BBQ at your upcoming event, give us a call…if we’re not available, we can point you in the direction of some friends who may be able to help and deliver the same quality of service and product that you’ve come to expect from us!

That said, while we are pretty full on the ‘full service’ catering side, we are just winding up a ‘new’ side of the business that allows folks with limited budgets or those just looking to add a TOUCH of something special to their next party!  Our focus on building INCREDIBLE Charcuterie platters and service for Appetizers at parties of all sizes includes access to some of the most INCREDIBLE cured meats and mostly American Artisanal Cheeses!  Additionally, we offer a whole selection of ‘smoked appetizers’ that are the perfect complement to a great party on a limited budget!  We are adding specialties such as ”Armadillo Eggs” and “Bacon Explosions” to our existing Signature Appetizers and new ‘rotisserie cooked’ Chicken Wings!  So…if you’re having a party and simply want an ‘Addition’ to your existing menu that your customers won’t soon forget…e-mail us ( or visit us online

Our Personal Chef Service continues to grow as well, we will work with clients individually to create menu ‘solutions’ that work for YOU, shop for the ingredients where you typically shop, come to your home and prepare the meals in advance so you can simply ‘Heat & Eat’ in any way that you’d like!  Beyond our customized meal plan options that can accommodate any special needs, we can come teach you Basic or Advanced Knife Skills and allow you to try a wide variety of quality Kitchen Cutlery from some of the top manufacturers in the world.  We can help you learn to bake that recipe you’ve always wanted to perfect or even teach you how to save money by buying whole (primal) cuts of meat or chickens and breaking them down at home.

SO…no shortage of stuff to keep us busy around here.  I’ll do my best to keep updating the Blog but if you’re looking for all we’ve got to offer, the website’s always there 24/7 at!  Check us out and see how we can help YOU make your next special event even MORE special!

GQ4U Side


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