WOW…What A Year!!!

First of all, March came in like a LION…and it seems to want to go out as a POLAR BEAR! (Or an ‘Ice Road Trucker’…I can’t decide which!) On top of THAT, the Government almost shut down because they STILL can’t pass a budget and this whole ‘Sequestration Thing’ has everyone’s heads spinning…and may VERY well have a significant impact on my family!  AND…it’s only MARCH!!!  OK, we’ve had enough already, Spring can finally arrive and wash away all this Winter nonsense!

When it does, we WILL be ready for sure!  We’ve been busy working on our menus and Catering options and tuning up the website. (  You’ll find all the latest there, including; Information on our upcoming BBQ Classes, from Basic BBQ to Advanced, Whole Hog and even how to run a successful BBQ Business!  We have created our ‘BBQ Party Packages’ as a way to provide an additional level of economy to folks looking to feed a lot of folks on a ‘budget’…fixed menus and prices cooked to order for you and your guests and delivered right to your location!  We are adding the capability to cook Whole Hogs over Gas with Wood Chips which delivers the same quality that we are known for, but far more cost effectively and much faster…pricing is available on the site.  We are bringing in some INCREDIBLE product from vendors as committed to quality as us, most of which will eventually fall under the title of ‘Charcuterie’ and we are sure that our customers will LOVE it!  Whew…and we’re still awaiting the real arrival of SPRING!

SO…as the phone begins to ring and requests for us to cater events start to fill the inbox, we are ever mindful of our ongoing commitment to quality over quantity!  Regular readers of the Blog will know that it’s a ‘thing’ for me and one that will never waiver!  We have struggled with the current economic conditions and we know that many of our neighbors have as well!  We are doing all that we can to help out by creating more diverse and innovative catering options that are more affordable.  We have LOWERED the prices of the suggested menus in the brochure that you’ll find all over our website and we will work as hard as we can to meet the budget for folks who really want some locally sourced, wood-smoked, cook-to-order BBQ that comes straight to you from the smokers!  BUT…we will never sacrifice quality or our commitment to local suppliers and farms!

If we simply can’t hit your budget for an upcoming event…that doesn’t end our commitment to Customer Service, it just is what it IS and we are always HAPPY to provide additional references for you to reach out to!  I can say that folks are holding off booking their events longer than usual this year (understandably) but when our 400+ square feet of smoker space is filled up…it’s filled up!  SO…if you’re thinking about some GreatQ4U! at an event this year…call soon and lock in your date and space on the smokers…we know you’ll be satisfied with the results!  –  717-254-1937 or online at

Roll Tide


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