GreatQ4U! Now Offering Hog Roasts

OK, so you might ask…haven’t you ALWAYS done ‘Pig Pickin’s’?  Your answer of course would be “Why YES we have!”…BUT there is a difference and anyone who’s ever called us looking to have a Hog Roasted for a Party has heard the long version of the explanation.  In fact, we don’t do a LOT of Pig Pickin’s because they are time and labor intensive and they take a long time…hense they cost a LOT more than a ‘Roasted’ hog.

Yet another day of explaining the difference between two different cooking methods intermingled with a somewhat subjective history lesson to bring attention to our new service offering!  You see, the ‘Pig Pickin’ is a true celebration of the Hog, Family and Friends.  It is something that can be found throughout the South, but is particularly associated with North Carolina.  Our version of said celebration omits the killing of the Hog at sunrise and dispenses with the preparation of the offal (innards and organs) by the folks participating in the party.  Traditionally, every part of the hog is used in some capacity and attendees who have a particular specialty are tasked with creating something out of part of the hog.  We simply pay homage to the concept by using our ‘Low & Slow’, wood smoking technique. (Reference yesterday’s post)

By cooking the Hog Low & Slow over 100% Hickory, we give a healthy nod to tradition Whole Hog Roasts ROCK!and do our best to be a part of the celebration in a meaningful way.  It involves arriving the day before and setting up shop, prepping the hog for the smoke and cooking it in a traditional way with only ONE turn during the whole cooking process.  We serve the hog whole and let folks ‘pick’ off of it whatever they like.  Nose to tail, it’s all available and at the end of a real Pig Pickin’…it’s all gone!  Not for everybody on a variety of levels, but a great way to celebrate family and friends as well as the life and sacrifice of the hog!

There’s the short version of the story which is mostly what we have to explain to folks who call us up looking for a ‘Pig Roast’ and thinking that it’s a one day, inexpensive waySuckling Hog to feed a crowd!  Of course, there’s no such thing as ‘inexpensive QUALITY‘ so we talk a bit about local sourcing and our commitment to doing it right based on years of experience and age old methods of prepping and cooking too.  BUT…we still wind up referring a LOT of potential customers to other folks who do ‘just hog roasts’ for a living!  many of these folks use charcoal at high heat and cook the whole hog in a matter of hours not a whole day.  We simply haven’t had that ability…until NOW!

We are adding a number of Hog Roasters to our capabilities and will be able to accommodate Pig Roasts of all types and sizes!  From a 30-40 person party to 300+ folks we have found a way to deliver the quality that you’re used to from GreatQ4U! and do it in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner!  Our new ‘Whole Hog Roasts’ take advantage of higher heat cooking techniques using the same locally sourced hogs to deliver a number of options from Delivery and Drop off in a thermally insulated container to a Full Service Buffet with the addition of our home made sides.  Much more information and an Estimate Request form are available on our website:

Of course, if you’d like more information or would like to discuss your specific needs, you can always call us at 717-254-1937 or e-mail and we will be happy to help!


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