Everything Old Is New Again…

…or at least that seems to be the ‘thing’ in sourcing food lately!  It seems that the REST of the world is catching on to the idea that the fewer miles between your plate and the place where whatever food you eat comes from, the better!  Perhaps it is being driven by the economy more than the desire to preserve family farms or heathy, sustainable growth of everything from wheat to cattle, but whatever the reason…it IS a GOOD thing!

We have ALWAYS had a commitment to sourcing as much product as possible locally and from known sources for a whole BUNCH of reasons.  Most notably, it is almost essential to providing GREAT BBQ to know where your protein comes from, how it was raised and what it ate.  It is also a great way to keep those local producers who aren’t driven by ‘Shareholders’ in business and to get to know the story behind the food!  Additionally, it SAVES MONEY because the cost of shipping anything continues to increase and hauling stuff from ‘Factory Farms’ or Feedlots in the middle of no-where also increases the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of the food!

As this ‘local food movement’ continues to grow, we remain strongly committed to it!  Why wouldn’t we?  Pennsylvania is known for its rich pastures and healthy agricultural Grapevine Smoked Chickencommunity and we feel blessed to have such access!  Additionally, we are beginning to bring in some ‘specialty’ items from other states (Virginia and Texas come to mind) that is produced by smaller, committed purveyors who are making stuff like traditionally smoked and cured hams and REALLY tasty Sausages.  As we do this, we are mindful always of having a great relationship with our sources and knowing everything that we can about the food that hits your plates!  It’s our commitment to you and will remain so!

Look for a few events this Spring and Summer that allow us to show off this commitment because we believe that proof is in the product…not the words in a Blog!  Thanks for reading along and have a GREAT end to your week! – Jim


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