Clocks Move Forward and So Do We!

Good Monday morning to all our readers!  (….or whatever day/time you happen to be reading this for that matter)  We hope that you are well rested despite the fact that for those of us who live in states that DO the ‘Daylight Saving’ time thing, we all got less sleep over the weekend.  Although, we like to think of it as a sort of ‘Fast Forward’ toward Spring! Yep, ‘glass half full’ and we are ONE HOUR closer to Spring…Damn the Groundhog!

Along with the warmer days and extended light during our evenings, we are gearing up for an exciting ‘BBQ Season’ around here and we’ve got a LOT going on!  We have LISTENED to our customers and made several changes as a direct result of your requests!  Perhaps on of the best examples of this are the NEW and varied offerings that we have created in our Day long ‘BBQ Classes’ which are filling up fast!

We continually get calls about “Q-U” (our ‘BBQ University’) which until now was centered entirely on our customers and a bit cost prohibitive because it entailed taking our Big Smoker ‘offline’, bringing it to your location and cooking up a storm!  NOW…we have scheduled a few different options; First Up is our ‘BBQ Master Class Series’ which is designed to be taken individually or all together in order to go from BBQ Novice to RibsBBQ Expert and even BBQ Business owner!  Our First Class, ‘BBQ Basics’ is scheduled for April 21st in Marysville, PA and we should be setting dates for the remaining classes this week! (Advanced BBQ, Whole Hog and Starting a BBQ Business) This series is limited to 25 students per class at $150 per person or $500 for all four.  Course fee includes everything you’ll need for the class, a tasty meal following class and all course materials.   ***These are NOT ‘Competition BBQ’ Classes – Our emphasis is on helping the BBQ Enthusiast to learn to cook at home or as a Business venture.  We’re happy to refer you to plenty of Competition courses in the Mid-Atlantic region if that is what you are looking for!***

In addition to the “BBQ Master Class” series of programs, we are adding other courses that we think will be both informative and FUN!  The first class in this series will be ‘BBQ Appetizers and Paddling’!  Again taught in Marysville, PA along the shore of the beautiful Susquehanna River, we have teamed up with Blue Mountain Outfitters (Central PA’s Premiere Paddlesports Outfitter) to spend a morning learning how to cook some innovative and tasty BBQ Appetizers and then spend the afternoon enjoying the tasty treats while checking out the latest Paddling Gear and Boats available.  At $100 per person (30 person limit) this class will fill up fast and is scheduled for June 2nd.

We’ll be adding even more classes to the schedule in the weeks to come, including one featuring ‘Cooking with Iron’ focused on the versatile and useful Dutch Oven, another on ‘Cajun Cookin’ such as Gumbo and Crawfish Boils!  We will even be conducting a class on Roasting Vegetables….specifically fresh peppers from Hatch, New Mexico while they are ‘in season’ and fresh from the fields!  If you’ve got a suggestion for a course topic, let us know and we just might add it onto our schedule: – If you’d like more info or if you would like to sign up for the classes, give us a call at 717-254-1937 or check our website for the latest updates and an online Info request form:

As if THAT wasn’t enough, we are working diligently to enhance our ability to do the Whole Hog Roasts ROCK!‘Whole Hog’ either at our location for delivery to yours or Onsite at your location.  We get LOTS of requests every year to do ‘Hog Roasts’ as opposed to our ‘Pig Pickin’s’ which are a bit different.  Cooking hogs in our Smoker is a long and loving process that typically requires 24+ hours and is a bit costly because of the amount of wood pellets that we burn during that process.  It certainly is more costly than cooking over charcoal in a rental ‘Pit’ or thin skined ‘Hog Roaster’ and so we have sent folks looking for cost effective Whole Hog roasts to other purveyors in years past!  NOT THIS YEAR!  We have found a Roaster that will provide the kind of quality that folks are used to from us at a FAR MORE economical price point and hope to be online and Operating by June!  SO….if you’re looking for a Whole Hog for an upcoming picnic, give us a call at 717-254-1937 or drop us a Booking Interest form from our website: and we’ll be happy to prepare an Estimate based on your specific needs!

Well, that’s a LOT of information for a Monday morning, so we’ll let you get on with your week!  We hope that you make it a GREAT one and that you keep us in mind for ALL of your BBQ needs, whether it be learning to do it at home or having us bring the BEST ‘Real Deal’, Wood-Smoked BBQ and Sides straight off the smokers to you and your guests!  We’ve got you covered!


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