SO, How ’bout that Groundhog?

Being from Pittsburgh and just a short trip down I-79 from Punxsutawney Phil’s home at Gobbler’s Knob, I must say that I have been giving the Woodchuck his due since LONG before Bill Murray made him famous on the Big Screen!  I figure he’s GOT to be as ‘accurate’ in his predictions as the average TV ‘Weatherman’!  Furthermore (as a good friend who lives in that area pointed out to me) he is REALLY good for the local economy during an otherwise ‘slow’ season!

In the event that you missed Phil’s prognostication this year…he DID NOT see his shadow!  This is significant for a few reasons the most obvious of which is that Spring is planning on an early arrival.  It’s also significant because in the last 125 years, he has only failed to see his shadow on 16 occasions…so it’s an unusual prediction for the typically fickle rodent!

All that aside, the other thing that Groundhog Day signals is a good time to start thinking about your Summer BBQ’s and Grilling!  You can begin the process of evaluating all of your cooking gear and apparatus, obtaining any parts or cleaning supplies that you may need to get them in ‘ship shape’ and getting the job done!  Even for those of us who run the smokers and grills all year long, it’s a good chance to clean out the ash pits, wipe down the grease and make sure that everything is in optimal condition for the Spring weather and cookouts!

Additionally, why not learn a new cooking technique this year or add a few recipes to your ‘usual suspects’?  These long cold days and nights provide you with a GREAT opportunity to read a few cook books or watch instructional videos about how to Brine, Cold Smoke, Make Bacon, Cure Hams…you name it!  It gets those BBQ Juices flowing and puts you in the position to be a ‘BBQ Allstar’ among your friends this year!  You can find TONS of information on the Internet, Twitter, FaceBook or even here on our Blog!

Make the best of the few weeks we have left before the balmy days and warm evenings that Phil has predicted arrive and get your gear, recipes and taste buds in shape for a summer filled with BBQ and Good Times!  If we can help you in any way, give us a call at 717-254-1937 or E-Mail me; Jim@GreatQ4U.comYou can always visit us online too at

Clean Those Rigs!

Clean Those Rigs!


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