Super Bowl, Super Chance to Support BBQ!

So, the ‘Big Weekend’ has finally arrived and everyone is either gearing up to root for their team or to simply use a great game as an excuse to throw an even BETTER party!  Well, there’s never been a better time to use an opportunity like this to support BBQ wherever you may be!

If you are equipped and ready to go on your own, don’t let the cold weather keep you from firing up that smoker and putting some of your best on the table for your fellow revelers.  If you aren’t quite there yet…GOOD NEWS; I’ve been watching my fellow Pitmasters and Business owners on ‘The Twitter’ and ‘The FaceBook’ and let me tell you…they are FIRED UP and READY TO GO!

We are quite fortunate to live in an era when a once nearly lost art form has not only regained it’s original popularity, it has exceeded it!  No matter where you may live in the country, chances are that you can find a shack or storefront somewhere close by that has got a Pit and someone tending it to crank out Authentic BBQ!  Better yet…through the miracle of this here InterWeb, you can simply ‘Google It’ and find them!

SO…put some BBQ on your table this weekend and make a few friends even better friends while doing your part to make sure that those of us who work so hard to deliver this tasty, tasty treat are able to stick around and keep it coming!  Enjoy your weekend and THANKS for reading along with us!  (

Also, Operation BBQ Relief currently has crews on the ground in Georgia following the devestating tornadoes earlier this week, if you can…please lend your support at #OperationBBQRelief

Meat Week 2013


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