Monday Morning…Back At the Grinder!

So here I am…third cup of coffee in hand and down a few less pounds on the ‘post-new year’s diet’ than I had hoped!  I suspect that has something to do with all the Bloody Marys, Beers and Wings I wasn’t planning on eating yesterday…they just mobbed me…I SWEAR! 🙂

Lots to do this week, so I don’t have time to go on and on here today!  We are busy tweaking the website and making things there more informative and interactive, working on new recipes and doing some tasty R&D!  I must say that my fellow BBQ peeps on ‘the Twitter’ are FULL of inspiration and tasty, tasty recipes…not to mention photos that provoke an immediate salivary response.

Reflecting a bit more on Fridays Blog Post and the whole concept about helping others through BBQ, I had an experience that had nothing to do with BBQ yesterday, but was in the spirit of my last post here.  While sitting at the bar of a favorite local ‘Wing Stop’ a guy walks in…he’s a regular and he and his wife had a seat next to us and ordered a few drinks.  He pulled out a Fuente ‘Short Story’ and I told him that they were among my favorite smokes and ‘good choice’.  Without hesitation, he reached into his pocket, pulled out another and handed it to me with his torch!  It was just a spontaneous, unsolicited act, but at the end of a LONG weekend…it made an impression that will last for a long time AND it made my day!

Unsolicited kindness is something small each of us can periodically do that just might make a HUGE difference in another’s life!  Get out there and enjoy your week and remember…if you have the chance…do something nice for someone who isn’t expecting it!  (On my way out of the bar, I gave a young boy who was getting a paper for his ‘nana’ enough change to buy the paper and pocket nana’s money for himself…when someone does something nice for you…pay it forward!) 🙂

GQ4U! Oval


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