Thank GOODNESS BBQ’s Not Like Politics!

As many folks enjoy a day off in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King today, we also celebrate our Democracy by having the ceremonial inauguration of our President and all the related festivities.  It’s been a tough year in politics this one has, most divisive that I can recall in a while…but not the most ever.  Since this isn’t a ‘Political Science’ lecture, perhaps I should make the turn to BBQ at some point huh?  OK, but take a moment today to think about Dr. King and his contributions, what they meant to humanity and put aside your party or beliefs for a few moments and just remember how lucky we ALL are to be Americans!

Now, how can one correlate BBQ and Politics?  Well the two have a LOT in common as near as I can tell.  Most obviously the state by state differences in the way that they are prepared and the sauces used.  No where is this more eloquently presented than in ‘The BBQ Song’ by Rhett and Link ( which not only nails down some of the more famous sauce variations, it points out that different folks like different meats in different ways!  Beyond the obvious similarity, BBQ and Politics share others such as the fierce allegiance that Pitmasters have to their Spice recipes and Cooking ‘routines!  Flags….many teams proudly fly their own flags once they stake out their claim on the field of competition.  Voting, well…kind of…there’s the ability for others to choose a winner based on blind judging that is accomplished much as we vote for our elected officials.  I could go on and on, but to spare you time on a Monday morning, I won’t!

My point in all of this is not only to tap into the energy of a day when we celebrate the life of one man who through his non-violent approach changed a nation and indeed a world.  It is to celebrate America and as we all know that’s something worth celebrating!  So, if you have bruised some friendships over the last year or so of vigorous debate about your candidates…why not fire up the smoker, slap on some ribs and invite them over to ‘break some meat’ and bury those hatchets!  United we Stand, Divided we Fall!  Hail, Hail, BBQ!

The Pitmaster's Share

The Pitmaster’s Share


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