WOW…Great BBQ Weather, Huh?

He types following a weekend that hit 62 degrees here in Pennsylvania… JANUARY!  BUT, I also intended it to be a double entendre because in MY mind there is NO such thing as ‘BBQ Weather’!  While our Catering Ops typically shutter in the late Fall (except for those rare Thanksgivings when I forget how much work goes into Brining and Smoking Turkeys) and don’t begin again until early Spring, my wife and I enjoy Great “Q” all year long!  I’ve got 2 Traegers just feet outside my kitchen and I’m NOT afraid to use them…even with SNOW on the ground!

Yep…BBQ’s not just for Summer anymore…well, come to think of it, it NEVER was!  Despite the common misconception, with some common sense and the right attitude, you can fire up a smoker, prep some proteins and cook them up right ANY time of the year!  I could go on and on about why I think that ‘Winter BBQ’ is even better than the Summer variety, but would suggest that you browse back through the Blog to past Winters for that diatribe!  This post’s got far more to do with getting you motivated and prepared to cook in the cold!

With just a few tweaks to your Summertime technique and some practice (if you’re not used to cooking in cold weather) you’ll be cranking out the same quality product or better in no time!  REMEMBER…it’s all about consistent cooking temps!  Every smoker’s different and if you know yours, you’ll know how to keep it stoked and steady…however Mother Nature tosses some ‘curveballs’ in cold weather; Wind can dramatically increase your cooking time, do your best to isolate it.  Rain or Snow obviously will lower the temp of your cooking chamber if you let it…keep it dry!  Constantly opening the smoker to peak is a sin in ANY weather, but boy will it bite you in the A$$ during cold weather…DON’T!!!

If you’ve got more cold weather smoking tips, feel free to share them here!  Get out there and make it a GREAT week folks and thanks for reading along…we LOVE you guys! 🙂

Don't Let Cold Make You Blue!!!

Don’t Let Cold Make You Blue!!!


1 thought on “WOW…Great BBQ Weather, Huh?

  1. Same here. Living in Northwest Ohio we see more than our share of snow, wind, ice, and frigid temps! We are with you, we brave the cold or the heat and every element in between four seasons a year because it’s always BBQ season at our place.

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