BBQ Here….BBQ There…BBQ Damn Near EVERYWHERE!!!

Isn’t that the GREATEST news EVER???  Indeed, the world of REAL BBQ (slow cooked, smoked meats) has never enjoyed the popularity that it is today!  Television, BBQ Associations, Chef’s and the Media have truly embraced our Art form and for that I am MOST grateful!  The more the merrier is what I say…which of course does NOT mean that they will ALL be good, but trying them out is a BLAST!

Yep, no matter what part of the BBQ world you are interested in, these days you will find TONS of folks making, participating in or just generally enjoying it!  There are TONS of Competitions across the country with LOTS of incredible folks competing and cranking out award winning product!  If you are a fan of sauces and spices…I cannot RECALL a time in my life where you could find so many!  Equipment manufacturers are making some INCREDIBLE smokers of all kinds!

Whew…makes me want to go fire up the smoker just thinking about it all!  SO…the point of my post on this soggy Friday in the Northeast is that if you like BBQ….get out there and try as many different products as possible!  If you like the cooking part…do a competition!  You don’t have to start against the pros, most competitions have some form of ‘Backyard Chef’ competition too!  Where can you find a competition? Right Here: There’s NEVER been a better time to experience great meats, spiced right and cooked Low & Slow over smoke!  Support the BBQ Community and become a part of it!

Have a GREAT weekend…catch you soon!

TRY This Stuff!!! :)

TRY This Stuff!!! 🙂



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