New to the world of BBQ???

WELCOME!  you’ll find that this is a BIG house with LOTS of room and many folks already living here!  We all share a common passion, but without question we’ve got STRONG opinions!  Nuthin’ wrong with that, just can be a tad intimidating for those who are just stepping in!  No worries, you’ll find that despite our personal preferences and propensity to keep secrets, we ARE a very welcoming bunch!

No matter your interests, you should start the same way!  Whether you want to be one of the new BBQ Pitmasters, a successful business person, a national or regional competitor or just someone who LOVES real BBQ and can cook it yourself…there are PLENTY of resources out there for you!

If you have one, a great place to start is your local ‘BBQ Organization’.  Here in PA we are fortunate to be in the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association and it is FILLED with people who are more than willing to share a wealth of knowledge with you!  Then choose a path and support your passion!  The support part is important not just locally, but nationally to keep the BBQ fires burning for years to come!  We are PROUD members of both the MABBQA ( and the Kansas City BBQ Society ( and would be remiss if we didn’t mention the National BBQ Association ( as well.  There are more…but it’s a short post…so ‘Google it’!

Onto your ‘Gear’…do your homework online…talk to other ‘BBQ People’…find good distributors and get as much info as you can!  THEN…think about YOUR situation and what will work best for what you want to do!  In reality…once you’re good at BBQ…you’ll be able to produce premium product on just about ANYTHING!  Beware…everyone thinks that their smoker is the BEST…and it IS…for THEM!!! You need to choose a smoker that will fit you and your needs so as not to make the learning curve too steep!

Then…it’s off to the races for you!  Start exploring the resources available through the organizations that you’ve joined!  Arm yourself with information and recipes and have at it!  Here’s a metaphor for you….I ride Mountain Bikes (or at least I used to) and HATE going up hills! (really…who doesn’t?)  A good friend, former pro bike mechanic and bike shop owner once told me…”The only way to get good at riding hills is to ride LOTS of hills!!!”  Same for BBQ…trial and more trial…there WILL be errors, but it’s always amazing to me how invisible they are to the folks eating the end results of your efforts!

If we can ever help in any way, I am always happy to talk “Q” with folks!  We also offer a comprehensive array of ‘BBQ Consulting’ services in the event that you want to get more serious!  We can help you start a business, get online, optimize Search Engine results so you come up on Page 1…etc!  Just let us know how we can help you and ENJOY your journey!!! – info@GreatQ4U.com717-254-1937

Beef Tenderloin on a Traeger COM-200


2 thoughts on “New to the world of BBQ???

    • Thanks! Be happy to reciprocate and if you’re ever in Central PA…let me know and we’ll do some ‘que’!!! (I’m not opposed to adding Whiskey too!!!) 🙂

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