Neighbors…Keep Them in Your Thoughts…Help If You Can!

As with many of our fellow Americans, our thoughts this week are entirely focused on the pain and suffering along the Mid-Atlantic Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s widespread devastation.  We are also thinking about those in West Virginia and the Appalachian areas that were pounded with snow during this horrific storm.  We feel fortunate to have escaped the worst of it and are appreciative for the minimal amount of damage that we sustained.

During these difficult hours, it’s important for us all to come together and help our neighbors.  Whether they are down the street or across the country, people need help right now and the fact of the matter is that every little bit helps!  If you’re able to make a $10 donation to a charity that is helping those affected, that’s a worthy and wise investment…someday you could be on the receiving end of similar generosity.  If you can do more than that…it’s something that will be rewarded with appreciative smiles and a sense of community that is badly needed by the folks in the areas hardest hit.

This past Tuesday as the remaining rain and winds of Sandy blew through Central Pennsylvania, I returned to work as a Paramedic for the first time in nearly a decade and was reminded again how fortunate that I am to have the ability to serve others.  It is a calling for some, but an obligation for others in a ‘civil society’ and it is a feeling that no amount of money, complements or publicity can emulate!

If you’re wondering where you can go to find out how you can help, here’s a link:

Thanks for reading along and have a GREAT DAY!


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