It’s FRIDAY…Get Out and DO SOME QUE!!!

Alas, the weekend is within sight and our thoughts should rightfully be turning to thoughts of what we’re going to do!  And NO…I don’t mean blowing leaves, cleaning gutters, cleaning up the garden, etc.  That stuff is what you HAVE to do…I say, get out there and DO SOME QUE too!!!

It’s easy to think that BBQ is a ‘Summer Thing’…it is ANYTHING BUT limited to one or two seasons!  I mean, if you look back through the Blog for a few years, you’ll see that I wax nostalgic EVERY Fall about how BBQ tastes better in cooler temps to me…but I am NOT doing that this year!  Instead, I wanted to focus on the BBQ Stuff that’s still going on this time of year!

In addition to the BIG BBQ events that are going on out there…EGGTOBERFEST ( this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, GETTIN’ SAUCED ( next weekend in Austin, TX and TONS of regional events across the country!  If you need a schedule, check out the KCBS ( or NBBQA ( websites or just ‘Google’ your area!

SO….once those chores are done, or even before they’re done for that matter….take some time this weekend, find a BBQ event near you and get out there and experience all the good that BBQ’s got to offer all year long! (I’m going to a Chili Cookoff…shhhhh!!!)


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