HEY….we only have ONE SALE A YEAR!!!

It’s true….we do only have one sale every year and it’s going on RIGHT NOW!  We are offering 5% OFF of ANY 2013 events booked by October 31st AND if you book now you’re locking in at 2012 prices!!!  That IS a big deal because the increasing costs of everything from feed to diesel is DEFINITELY going to cause huge price increases across the board (much of which we will soak up) especially with Beef and Pork products!

SO…if you’re thinking about having an event in 2013, now’s a GREAT time to book it…even if you’re living somewhere else and booking with another Caterer…think about locking in as soon as you can because you can count on the price increase.  In fact, be prepared to see it not just in catering prices, but in the grocery store and when you go out to eat!  Even fast food chains are in the process of shifting menus and specials toward poultry because there will be WAY better margins there!  This isn’t just a result of difficult economic times and rising fuel costs, we have been experiencing a record drought in the midwest and the west and when you combine that with the after effects of flooding, fire and other natural disasters…it leads to a complex scenario in which prices of everything…especially animals that eat a lot…goes up!

All this complex commodity predicting and price fluctuation is yet another reason for all of us to think a LOT about where our food comes from and how it’s raised.  I have always said that there is a REASON you can get a dozen eggs for under a buck at the store…and it’s got NOTHING TO DO with responsibly raising chickens!  In fact, I grew up in the city (Pittsburgh) but can easily recall having a much closer connection with where our food came from in those days than I do (as a consumer) now.

In the era of industrial food production, I don’t think too many kids get to go to the local butcher shop with their mom to pick up the meat for the week, or to the Kosher butcher to hand pick the Thanksgiving Turkey while it’s walking around the shop and then wait for the Rabbi to bless it and do the deed so that we could have an INCREDIBLE bird to share with our family.  Fish mongers are no longer readily available, it’s just a bunch of fish and questionable shellfish behind glass and an ’employee’ to hand you what you ask for!

There you have it…if you’d like to have some GreatQ4U! at your event next year…book by the end of the month and save some $$$….if you can’t (sorry about your luck) or you aren’t planning for next year yet…be aware of where your food comes from and why it costs what it does!  It’s not an easy thing to get information about, but with the continually rising costs of everything, there are going to be some changes and the more you know, the better you’ll weather the storm!  Heck, you might even just do some good for your family and your local farmers!


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