There’s more to life than just BBQ…

…REALLY??? Could have fooled me…I think that one could build a pretty full life around BBQ!  There’s more to BBQ than just meat and sauce…maybe THAT’S a more appropriate statement when you think about it!

If you consider that there has been a discernible shift in the Food Service Industry over the past several years toward food that comes from local sources, is raised responsibly and emphasizes the farms from which the food came…BBQ has always been on the cutting edge of this trend!  In fact, we’ve been doing it since WAY before it became ‘cool’ not necessarily because we are trend setters, but because it’s how you DO good BBQ!

In order to produce a quality BBQ Product, you’ve got to know where it comes from, how it’s cut and what that will translate to on the smoker!  In my travels, I am always aghast when I come across someone selling ’12 hour Pulled Pork’…I mean…I have NEVER seen two Pork Shoulders cook at the same time in the same smoker!  It has a LOT to do with the type of hog, what it was fed and how much it exercised and there’s more to it than that!  In fact…here at GreatQ4U! we take it to that level with EVERY food item that we prepare…from our Side Dishes and Locally Sourced and Made Desserts to the tasty Appetizers and other smoked goodies that we cook up for our customers…it’s just how it should be done!

THEN…beyond the smokers and the Farm-To-Table connection that BBQ has always had, there are the people and the products of their efforts.  I spent half a day this past weekend helping out a fellow BBQ Caterer as he prepared Pulled Pork for the folks attending a sale at a local charity.  He wasn’t feeling the best and had asked me to fill in at the last minute…I didn’t even have to think about it… it’s BBQ…we all look out for each other!  Not to mention that he’s a good man who’s done many good things for a LOT of people, including cooking for the troops and helping out with an Operation BBQ Relief ( deployment in Central PA last year, helping to cook nearly 5,000 free meals for our neighbors as they recovered from horrible flooding!

SO…as we all begin our week, whether you are a BBQ ‘Person’ or not, just know that the secret to life is not only having a passion about SOMETHING…it’s learning to BE GOOD!!!  Be Good at whatever it is that you do, those you do it for and with and be good to your fellow man…we all need one another on this crazy ride!

Hope that you have a GREAT week!!!


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