Talk about some BBQ!!!

Yep…REALLY….I can go on and on and on about BBQ!  Why you ask?  Why ever you’d like I answer…just before launching into a discussion about BBQ!  I mean, there is a LOT to talk about when it comes to “Q”…how it’s developed over the years, how it defines itself by regional differences, how it makes all of us who make it unique and better yet, how it brings us all together!  I know, I know…I AM a bit biased when it comes to BBQ, but it REALLY is a diverse topic for conversation and there are life and business lessons galore in its history!

My point of course, it to let readers of the Blog know that if you have a group that’s looking for a speaker and relatively unique subject matter…maybe we can help!  My background includes extensive training of people from all kinds of backgrounds, public speaking and program development!  We can and have put this to use by weaving a BBQ tale that either is purely entertainment or serves a purpose, such as; discussing the evolution and mission of Operation BBQ Relief, building teams (BBQ or Corporate), learning how to “Q” at least verbally…we do offer classes, but that’s another Blog post and much more!

As we wrap up yet another week and begin plans for the next, keep us in mind if you’re looking for a great talk and professional speaker to come talk to you about BBQ and just how important it is for ALL of us! – or 717-254-1937


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