What EXACTLY does “BBQ Consulting” Mean???

Yes….we get that question a LOT from folks who stop by our website and see it as a ‘service line’ that we offer.  Well…it’s not an EASY answer as it turns out!  There was indeed a time (in a distant time and place) when I was a ‘Consultant’ for a living and I went into the whole thing thinking that I knew what it meant to be a consultant…alas did I have much to learn!

In my experience, the best consultants are masters with many hats!  YES…they occasionally get a bad wrap for a LOT of reasons and without question, they are frequently used to do tasks that businesses would rather not do themselves, but in the end…used appropriately, a ‘consultant’ can help you to be better at whatever it is they specialize in!

For us…it’s all things BBQ!  No matter what you would like to know or need help with…we’ve got you covered!  Looking to do a ‘Personalized’ BBQ class for you and some friends or as a Teambuilding exercise for your well funded governmental agency (KIDDING!!!)?  We can help!  Thinking about getting into some aspect of the BBQ Business and looking to benefit from our nearly 10 years of experience in the Central PA marketplace?  Handled!  Want to develop an online presence or a comprehensive Social Media program?  No problem!  Looking to rise above all the other ‘BBQ’ places on the Search Engines?  Look us up!  Want to find that PERFECT BBQ Sauce or Spice blend for your cabinet or competition toolkit?  Put our national network to work for you! How about Competition BBQ….we can help to objectively evaluate your efforts and provide suggestions as you chart your course…leading to better results for you and your team!

So…there you have it…out BBQ Consulting is just about anything you want it to be…as long as it’s got SOMETHING to do with the “Que”!  We allow you to take our experience and knowledge and put it to work for you any way you’d like!  Just give us a call; 717-254-1937 or E-Mail me; Jim@GreatQ4U.com to get rolling!

The Pitmaster’s Share


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