Another Saturday Night

OK, so it’s not QUITE Saturday night yet, but I am already thinking about it for a NUMBER of reasons!  Not only is TODAY the grand finale of the Keystone Classic BBQ Competition at the PA Farm Show complex, but it’s also a day that I’ve historically spent with a number of old friends for many moons on Assateague Island in Maryland…fortunately or not, the venue has been changed to the banks of the Susquehanna River just north of the Farm Show complex….how convenient! 🙂  Tonight is ‘Beer Fest’ along the river, I mean, what can be wrong with anything called ‘Beer Fest’???  SO, with any luck at all…I’ll have the chance to catch up with a few of my fellow BBQ enthusiasts AND see a bunch of old friends all while wishing I was at The American Royal! – But in the end there is no place that I would rather be than right where I am at!

Another thing that I am thinking about today and probably will on this date for many years to come is the fact that on this date last year, on my way home from a BBQ event…I was struck from behind while sitting at a Red light and in addition to taking my truck and trailer hitch out of comission….got to experience 3 torn tendons in my shoulder…not fun!  Even LESS fun was dealing with the insurance company of the guy who hit me for nearly 10 MONTHS as they simply REFUSED to pay me the ‘incurred damages’ that I had…meaning only the actual business that I lost from the damage to my truck and shoulder.  They weren’t even INTERESTED in hearing about the fact that the cash we bring in from Fall and Holiday events is how we market for the Spring and Summer and wow…but I digress!

My point here is that today gives me a few reasons to be HAPPY and yet another to be reflective!  Owning and operating a business is a constant challenge!  It requires commitment and courage and there is a CONSTANT threat of failure!  Additionally, when your business is doing something that you love (like BBQ) you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your passion!  Rest assured that I have NOT damaged my passion for BBQ!!! I love it MORE now than I have ever before and am looking forward to a GREAT 2013….I hope that you are too!

Here’s to all of our customers, all the competitors at the Keystone Classic and HERE’S to BEER FEST!!! Happy weekend everyone!

Get Out And Do Some Smokin’ This Weekend!!!


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