Eating At ‘Famous’ BBQ Joints

OK, so this could potentially perceived as a ‘hot topic’ and it is CERTAINLY not my intention to disrespect any of my BBQ Brethren…we are all one big community and have got LOTS in common…BUT, I thought it would be a good subject for folks out there in the ‘Blogosphere’ to get in on.

I am NOT a food critic, nor do I write extensively about other people’s food, but I definitely know what I like and BBQ is in the ‘Top 2’!!! SO…when I am travelling I always make a point of stopping for BBQ when I see a place that looks good and has a pile of wood or sweet smelling smoke emanating from it!  This is particularly the case when I am travelling through the entire South!  While my preference is for Eastern North Carolinian “Que”, I am always open to new tastes and experiences and I have never been disappointed (badly) with other regional styles!

When choosing a BBQ ‘shack’ in the South…I typically look for a small ‘Mom & Pop’ location and have even come across some GREAT BBQ in Bars in a number of Southern locales.  SO…when I see a BBQ place owned by a ‘Famous’ BBQ Guy or Gal…I stop in every chance I get!  I’m not naming names, because again…my point is not to be overly critical, but to pose a question for discussion!

It’s been my experience that not only are the majority of ‘Big Name’ BBQ places really busy (busier since the advent of Food TV)…but with few exceptions, they have always tended to disappoint me!  Not because of their sauces or atmosphere, but because the “Que” tends to lack a distinct smokey flavor and frequently has a ‘lack of texture’ to put it kindly.

Now MY personal thought on this is that because of the extra demand due to the popularity of the location or the Pitmaster/Owner, there’s a LOT of ‘Cookin’ and ‘Holding’ going on and whenever WE have tried to ‘hold’ our “Que” in hot boxes, warming ovens or on a buffet line (say at a wedding, while being held up by the PHOTOGRAPHER…or something like that) it always tends to wind up the same…lacking smoke and texture!

This is the main reason that we do ‘Just in Time’ BBQ…timing and delivering EVERY customer’s orders so that it comes straight off the smoker, rests adequately and then it’s off to the event! – Anyone out there have similar experiences and/or suggestions???

Have a GREAT day!!!


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