WOW….we ARE still here!!!

OK…so it’s been a WHILE since I’ve posted here and while I could spend a paragraph or two explaining the many reasons for my lack of ‘Blogtivity’…I’ll spare you the details and just jump right in!

LOTS going on around here this Summer…we are as busy as we want to be and have booked quite a few jobs into the 2013 season already, but there’s always room for improvement…SO…I am pleased to be able to let all our Blog fans know that we are now offering ‘Chuckwagon Style’ parties for groups up to 50!

OK, so the ideal size for this type of gig is probably 40 people or less, but we can accommodate larger groups with advanced notice! – What IS a ‘Chuckwagon Style’ party? – Well pardner’, I’m glad you asked! – We will come to your location and prepare your meal on site for you using traditional Cowboy techniques, ingredients and dishes!  Whether it’s a basic ‘Steak and Potato’ meal or if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous…we can do it!  We’ll bring the whole cut of meat and butcher it on site for the entertainment of you and your guests.  Then, we’ll fire up the charcoal, break out the Dutch Ovens and cook up a hearty meal just like they did in the Old West!  Heck…we’ll even dress the part if you want! 🙂

Freshly prepared and cooked steaks, chicken or whatever all done at your location and served hot off the coals…can’t be beat! – If you’re interested in having us do a Chuckwagon meal for your Posse…just give us a call (717-254-1937) or shoot off an e-mail; and we’ll get the wagons rolling!

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future….I am definitely BAAAACK! – Thanks for reading along!


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