Go To a BBQ Competition This Year!

YES…I strongly encourage you to do it! With the increased interest in BBQ (thank you Food TV) and a growing number of true “Q” enthusiasts, it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you! If you’re looking for more info, you can visit www.kcbs.us or Google to see if there are any regional BBQ groups in your area…here in our area it’s the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association and there are a wealth of opportunities for participating in all things “Q” – http://www.mabbqa.com/

When you go, you’ll find some of the nicest folks that you’ve ever met using all varieties of Smokers and Cooking techniques in a heated (pun intended) race to get some BBQ ‘Hardware’! It’s a good chance for BBQ lovers to learn more about how and why the Pros do it and get advice on how to start competing or simply how to make BBQ at home!

IN addition to supporting your local ‘BBQ Scene’ and providing the impetus for further growth of this tasty and worthwhile resurgence of a very traditional American Cooking technique….you’ll have a fun time! Most competitions allow you to easily interact with the cooking teams and as long as it’s not during the rush to ‘turn in’, you’ll find that folks are more than willing to ‘chew the fat’ with you!

We’re planning on getting out there and showing our stuff more this year than the last several have allowed us to, so keep an eye out for ‘Team GreatQ4U!’ when you’re wandering through the Pits! We are ALWAYS happy to see ‘Groupies’!!! 🙂

Getting Ready for Turn In!


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