No Time For a Long Post Today…BUT…


If you’re one of the above…I don’t mean that I dislike YOU personally…but your constant acting like it’s the FIRST time you’ve EVER been to a DONUT SHOP is MIND NUMBING!!!  Better YET…let’s get 2 dozen and delegate EVERY donut to a different member of the family…ALL of whom have APPARENTLY NEVER been in a Donut shop BEFORE!!!  ALL I want is a FRIGGIN’ cup of COFFEE!!!

OR…that desire to stand in front of the milk case and just STARE!!!  As if SOMEHOW they’ve changed the types or quantities of MILK in the Grocery any time in the last 25 years!!!  What is THAT all about??? Just GET YOUR MILK and MOVE ON with your life!!!

OK…that’s it…thanks for reading!  Hope your day’s better than MINE! 🙂 – Jim


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