What a CRAZY Year in “Q” It’s Been!!!

WOW!  It seems like just yesterday that I was packing up (entirely unpreprared and under-resourced) to head to Alabama and cook for folks following the Tornadoes there!  Then there was Joplin (only a VERY small part) and the incredible effort there.  My daughter hit ’21’ and then there were the Historic floods in and around Central PA!

That’s just the ‘BBQ Highlights’ from my ‘mental media roll’ this past year with LOTS of marketing and sales data mixed together in a bowl of great memories from plenty of great customers and their events in 2011!  Now I sit, sore shoulder and all and face an early end to the 2011 BBQ Season…funny how things go!

I look forward to 2012 for a number of reasons…many of which directly involve BBQ!  I hope to participate in a few Competitions and would welcome ‘cooking resumes’ from any perspective ‘Competition BBQ Team’ members!  I hope to continue to build on the efforts that we started in Alabama this year and have continued since…we’ve served thousands of free meals following disasters and I am TRULY humbled by the power of one, unsolicited meal during a time of need!  We’ll be growing our Catering and Personal Chef Businesses and you’ll see plenty of us throughout 2012!

SO, I continue to work on the new menu and some ‘Package Pricing’ for deals on certain ‘Group Size’ packages and hope to have that together in coming weeks!  We are putting together a class on Competition BBQ to be held at YorKitchen in York, PA this Winter and have much more going on!  Stay Tuned!!!


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