Central ‘Jewels’ and a Great Demo!

Got to spend my Saturday morning travelling to and from York, PA…which, for those who’ve made the drive…isn’t the MOST fun you could have on a Saturday morning, BUT all for a good cause!  Did a demo on how to make BBQ Sauces and Rubs at the Rojahn Performance Kitchen in York’s Central Market!

What a GREAT resource that Market IS!!!  It’s beautiful inside and PACKED with merchants that offer everything from fresh meats and produce to VERY tasty Fish Sandwiches and even an ‘Indoor’ Burrito Truck…COOL!  It’s got nice new Restrooms and is easy to get into and out of and you can EVEN Park for FREE on Saturdays in the Parking Garage across the street from the Food Court Entrance!

Demo went charmingly…did a 50/50 Ketchup to Vinegar ratio sauce…which is about as ‘sweet’ as it gets for me and did a few spice ‘drops’ that included our Own BBQ Rub, Granulated Garlic, Bourbon Barrel Food’s Smoked Raw Sugar and Pure Sorghum Syrup, Orange Blossom Honey and NO Brown Sugar!  Came out GREAT!!! (A bit tangy for the crowd methinks, but I liked it!!!) 🙂

Also attempted an ‘Alabama White BBQ Sauce’ using some Garlic, Datil Pepper Minorcan Mayo that came from a Market Vendor (Saucy Katie’s) and Vinegar…it didn’t come out all too well…but folks were ‘nice’ with their comments about it!  (I’ll figure it out eventually!)

Did a ‘Rib Rub’ and a ‘Desert Rub’ from the Southwest using fresh spices from ‘Spices Inc’ (www.spicesinc.com) and handed out LOTS of samples to folks in and around the Market!  One vendor was daring enough to toss our sauce onto their kitchen line before we left!  Hope that their customers enjoyed it!

Still LOTS going on, including the plans for a ‘So You Want To Compete in BBQ’ class to be offered this Winter at the YorKitchen project in York!  You’ll be among the first to know specifics, but we’ll be covering everything from Equipment Selection, Woods and Charcoals, Meat Selection and Preparation for all KCBS Meats and Dressin’ up Turn In Boxes!  We’ll even toss in some extra fun for free!!!  Blog and FB Fans will get a discounted price!!!  That’s all for now…have a great week!


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