Come See GreatQ4U! in the Rojahn Performance Kitchen!!!

Yep….it’s OFFICIAL, we’ll be appearing (hopefully) on a regular basis at the Rojahn Performance Kitchen in the York Central Market in York, PA.  ( We will start this whole endeavor on Saturday, November 11th at 10am with a demo on making your own BBQ Sauces and Rubs!  Shortly after that, we’ll be demonstrating ‘How to Smoke Your Thanksgiving Turkey’!  Then we’ll go from there into the new year!

In addition to providing you an opportunity to get out of the house and come visit the historic Farmer’s Market, we hope to promote the way we ‘do Q’!  keepin’ it local and promoting our favorite kinds of food suppliers!  We are also planning a series of BBQ Courses to be held at the YorKitchen in 2012, so stay tuned for more info on THAT!

Meanwhile our operations are still interrupted thanks in a LARGE part to a completely unresponsive and belligerent State Farm Auto Insurance claims adjuster and a grossly inept damage Estimator…but I digress!  (I was just sitting at a Red Light…my truck paid the price and is still doing so!)  While we won’t be cooking any birds for our ‘Thanksgiving Regulars’, we WILL be giving up a few secrets about how we do it and then handing our some tasty samples to our visitors…so put November 17th on your calendar and come see us in York!

All of our demos will include helpful advice about the gear we use to do it the ‘GreatQ4U!’ way along with ample samples for everyone who attends!  We’d LOVE to have you come out and join us for what we hope becomes a successful series of ‘How 2 Q’ Demos!


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