The Death of ‘Artisanal’!

So, the other morning I was conversing with a friend on FaceBook and she lamented that she didn’t even know if ‘Artisanal’ was a real word.  I pointed out that it has graced the top of the #GreatQ4U! website for the past two years as a representation of what I believe separates our process of procuring, preparing and serving BBQ from most (if not all) of the other ‘BBQ Caterers’ in this area.  NOW, in lieu of that conversation as well as a number of recent articles that I’ve read and TV editorials on the subject…I am taking that description OFF our website (soon)!

If you are in or around Nashville...DON'T miss this show!

I have never been one to do something because it’s ‘trendy’….we’ve been cooking ‘Real Deal’ BBQ since LONG before there was any ‘Throwdown’ or ‘BBQ Pitmasters’ on TV…not because it was ‘cool’, but because I personally LOVE BBQ the way that we do it AND because it’s a truly AMERICAN art form!  As far as “Artisanal” goes…an ‘Artisan’ as defined by Webster’s is; “one that produces something (as cheese or wine {or BBQ-my addition}) in limited quantities often using traditional methods).  There is NO better description of what makes GreatQ4U! great than THAT!  Alas, I will admit that it is a word used WAY too much today…I mean…Domino’s now offers ‘Artisanal Pizzas’ – in 30 minutes or less…are you KIDDING???

Once again, if you’re not a regular reader of our Blog…we cook BBQ using ‘Traditional Methods’!  Using locally sourced ingredients and preparing them with our own spice blends and sauces to be cooked ‘Low & Slow’ over a wood fire until they’re done!  NOT for 8 hours…or 12 hours…or even 16 hours…until they’re DONE! – How do we know that they’re done…we’ve been at it for nearly 20 years!  We use thermometers!  We have competed against and worked side by side with some of the BEST BBQ folks in the country! THAT’S how we know when they’re done!

THEN, we pay the same attention to every other dish we make!  We locally source ingredients and purchase them at Farmer’s Markets and local farms when we can and they are all prepared ‘To Order’ for our client’s events!  We don’t cook a bunch of product and keep it in fancy ‘warming ovens’ or ‘steam holding units’…we cook it for the number of guests you have, pack it and bring it right to your event, straight from the smokers!

All of our recipes are developed very carefully so that they can be prepared in a ‘traditional’ way, on our smokers, over wood fires! (they are becoming quite popular these days…Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse…etc!)  SO…given the new popularity of this word and our techniques…we will stick with our ‘traditional’ methods, but lose the (now) ‘trendy’ word ‘Artisanal’!

That won’t be the only change in coming weeks…you’ll be seeing a new menu and revamped website that makes what we do easier to understand and more accessible!  We’ve still been getting LOTS of requests for a ‘generic’ per person price for our menus and I don’t know how to address it any better than we do…but we’ll consider all options and hopefully work that out as well!  When you buy local and prepare everything from scratch…the prices change based on the number of folks that you’re cooking for, the menu items selected and type of service you need…that WON’T change!  (Have you noticed that those Boneless, Skinless Chicken breasts you’re buying at the Grocery store are now close to or more than $5/lb???)

I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and welcome your input about how we can improve the website and our business.  Thanks for reading along and don’t let this Winter like weather keep you from enjoying some Great BBQ!!! – Jim


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