BBQ Proliferation and Other Things On My Mind

WOW!  What a year for BBQ….not just here in Central PA, but all over the place!  There has been a renewed interest in BBQ on TV in the form of many ‘Competition’ format reality shows like ‘BBQ Pitmasters’, Sam’s Club sponsored a National BBQ Challenge Series along with Kingsford and over 125,000 victims of Disasters in Alabama, Missouri and Pennsylvania got free BBQ Meals thanks to the efforts of many, including yours truly!

With all of the attention, it would make sense that folks would either want to ‘get into’ the BBQ Business or expand existing operations and here in Central PA…that’s been quite evident.  In our home county…Cumberland, there are now many BBQ Concession operations located throughout the West Shore area providing a wide variety of tastes and styles!  Harrisburg now has a genuine ‘BBQ Restaurant’ on Third Street – Momo’s which should be on your ‘to check out’ list AND the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association continues to promote the cause with many Competitions and Events in the area!

Now I am a BIG fan of all things and places BBQ and certainly have my opinions about how it should be done…of course that is manifested no where better than in our “Q”, but I am also a fan of trying out other folk’s stuff!  SO…I have been to most of the ‘BBQ Joints’ in the area and can certainly appreciate the tastes and differences between us!  I would encourage ALL of our Blog readers to do the same!

I am quoted over and over as saying that the best thing about BBQ is eating it…the second best thing about it are all the smiles!  I rarely get to the third thing, but will be happy to type it here; BBQ is incredibly unique to those who take the time to source the products, prepare them for ‘the smoke’ and then cook them with LOVE!  Every Pitmaster has got their own ‘style’ and that’s the beauty of it!  Not every Pulled Pork Sandwich, Beef Brisket Platter or BBQ Chicken plate will taste the same…that would be BORING wouldn’t it?  – SO…get out there and git some while you can…getting to be the ‘off season’ here in PA you know?

Stay tuned in coming weeks for some exciting info about new opportunities over the ‘off season’ to come see us prepare and present BBQ meals, give Tips about home cooking and secrets about where to get the best ingredients and stuff to cook with!  Heck, we may even be offering courses that are open to the public to come attend…you just NEVER KNOW! 😉 – Thanks for reading, get out there and do some “Q” !


5 thoughts on “BBQ Proliferation and Other Things On My Mind

  1. I didn’t know about the TV show BBQ Pitmasters and all I can get in the UK is the clips on youtube but hopefully it will be picked up by one of our tv stations soon it should be an interesting watch

  2. It’s an interesting show…the competitors are (for the most part) ALL very accomplished, but again…they cook for the judges and not necessarily true to themselves in my opinion! Judges here in the US like that sweet, thick BBQ sauce on just about everything! Takes away from some of the subtle nuances of using different woods to smoke!

    • I was told yesterday that the UK history channel will be showing season 1 next year but ill try and download some episodes over the weekend…I think most reality TV shows have a fake and unrealistic feel to them but I’m still curious to watch it.

    • I think that one of the many beautiful aspects of BBQ is that it’s in the eyes, nose and mouth of the beholder! There are so many regional derivations here in the US and exponentially more globally! Thinking about Jamaican Jerk and Korean Shortribs…it’s something that all cultures have in common…we’ve all cooked over wood or coal fires! I would NEVER pick one characteristic of BBQ that I thought was the defining trait…it’s a universal culinary technique, but a VERY individual taste!

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