What’s YOUR ideal BBQ Menu Look Like?

SO…yesterday I took the initiative to go to the JPI “PA Gourmet” Expo at the York Fairgrounds and had a chance to meet and talks to some great folks!  I was surprised that the number of vendors seemed to be a bit less than the only other time that I attended the event a few years back, but the quality of the vendors was stellar!

I ran into spice people, sauce people, kitchen cabinet people, wine folks, spirits (not the Halloween kine either) people and more!  With the limited amount of time that I had to spend with each of them, I was impressed with all!  In future posts, I’ll expound on my conversations and the products that these folks represent!

BUT…until then, I continue to focus on next season’s BBQ Menu and would LOVE to hear from folks out there in Blog land about what YOU think should be on a ‘BBQ Menu’!  I am thinking about a ‘back to basics’ approach that focuses on the ‘traditional’ BBQ menus of the South!  We will probably add ‘Party Packs’ that are priced for specifically sized groups and offer a set menu at a set price…and there will definitely be more to come!

We have had a fair amount of ‘negative’ feedback about the fact that we don’t have ‘set pricing’ on our website, but I don’t see that changing next year!  Because we support local suppliers and markets and we don’t buy on contract from large suppliers AND given the continual price fluctuations of proteins and everything else (have you seen the price of Chicken lately?)…we will continue to provide FREE estimates for anyone who’s interested in adding some Great “Q” to their 2011 events…just ask!

SO…let me know what YOU think we should add, subtract or offer on the menu…I am looking forward to your suggestions!


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