BBQ Can Help You!

It can!  Not only because it’s one of the most original and tasty dishes on the PLANET…and when it’s executed properly, few others can match it’s flavor profile!  Not simply because it is best shared with friends and while eating BBQ…if you look around…you’ll never see a frown!  Not just it’s prominent place in the history of America and in fact the world!

No…BBQ can help you in a number of other ways!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s Blog…you should try learning new things in the kitchen as a way to enrich yourself and to get to know your fellow man.  BBQ adds an entirely new part to that equation because it requires attention to detail, patience and proper execution!

Now I, like ANY BBQ person, would probably be lying to you if I began to spout off my personal techniques, temperatures or recipes, but in general there are a few corollaries between good BBQ and good living:

  • You have got to know where it comes from and how it’s raised – this tells you much about it’s character, how it will cook, where to check the temperature and when it’s done just right!
  • You need to show it some love.  You might want to add some rub and then let it slowly come up to room temp before it hits ‘the smoke’.  It’s the beginning of a long process that will (done right) deliver tasty and proper results!
  • You’ve got to have the right gear to get it done!  Doesn’t need to be fancy gear…just has to be able to maintain a consistent temp for a long time and you’ve got to know how to make sure that it does!  This often requires near constant attention and nurturing of the flame.
  • Depending on your choice of meats, you might need to constantly tend to it.  Our pulled pork is cooked whole shoulder (bone in) and mopped with a ‘special mop sauce’ every 2 hours for the entire time it smokes.  It can seem tedious, but the ‘bark’ that it builds is well worth the effort!
  • Like sailing versus powerboating…BBQ is very much about the journey and not the destination!  We ALWAYS cook to internal temp…not by the clock!  The best “Q” is done when it’s done and that’s all there is to it!  The more you do…the better you’ll get at predicting ‘about’ when it will be ready to come off the smoke, but you’ll still never know for sure…every beast is different!
  • Just when you think you’re done…you’re not!  Once it comes off the smoke…many cuts of BBQ need even more love!  They get wrapped and set aside to rest…this allows the smoke flavor to ‘lock in’ and the juices to return to the meat making it’s taste and texture spot on!

SO…somewhere in there are techniques that can help you in many different ways as you make your journey through this life.  Just like BBQ…everyone’s got to go their own way, but we are ALL in this together, so whatever course you choose…BE GOOD!


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