Try Something New In the Kitchen!

Of course I would prefer that it have something to do with ‘smoking’ your proteins, but really anything new will do!  It is the one thing that ALL humans have in common…we have to eat!  There’s a whole big world out there waiting to be found and it can all happen right there in your kitchen!

We live in a world that’s filled with ‘microwave this’ and ‘eat out for that’ which is all mighty convenient, but it’s NOT the way it should be!  My mom raised 4 kids, finished her degree and still managed to have a home cooked meal on the table nearly every night!  She was REALLY good with all of the traditional american favorites, but she’d also make sure that we had exposure (either at home or at a restaurant) to a wide variety of ethnic cuisines!  It didn’t hurt that I grew up in Pittsburgh…a great city of immigrants and incredible foods from all around the world!

As an adult, I have always LOVED working in the kitchen and learning about new foods!  I typically pick a region and then dive into the culture behind the food that I am learning to cook and then I immerse myself in every possible derivation of the dishes!  In fact, I am still working on a trip through Mexico via Molés while embarking on a new journey to Morocco that will start with the new Tajine that I recently acquired!

Teaching yourself new techniques and cooking methods in the kitchen can have some direct translations to everyday life!  Time management, Stress, Following Directions, Setting Priorities…and many more skills that are needed to properly execute a complete meal are all useful anywhere else!  Furthermore, by embracing something foreign to you…say for example…learning to cook BBQ ‘Low & Slow’ in the traditions of the American South…you not only become a more ‘well rounded’ person…you just might learn to better understand your fellow man (and woman)!

SO…get into the kitchen and teach yourself to cook something new to you…it will be an investment that is well worth your time and will repay a lifetime of dividends!


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